Weleda Skin Food – Review

Being a huge fan of natural skincare, when I had the chance to try the best beauty secret going, the Weleda Skin Food… A no was not an answer.

Hoarding skincare seems to be a passion and admittedly, I do have a few faves from Weleda in my collection.

I love the formulas, the scents are so good and of course it is a well known beautifully, natural brand.

It’s not just me, I used the baby products on my sons eczema and was blown away, it’s now a staple in his skincare collection too.

Weleda is a brand I would continue to purchase from.

Weleda Skin Food


Gorgeous packaging is something that is prominent with Weleda, simple, colourful and certainly eye catching.

Coming in simple, bright green cardboard box then a beautiful green tube that is super easy to open and use.

Now this product is talored to dry and rough skin so having this little beaut in my handbag is a saviour to my skin.

Multipurpose, multi-benefits, perfect for all over the body.

My hands are so super dry, as I wash my hands so much and using cleaning products, this makes my eczema flare up on my hands really badly.

I also have patches on my face of dryness on my cheeks and of course forehead.

Another place I get little spots of eczema is also my upper arms and upper thighs. I don’t know why, they are patches the size of a 50p and really annoy me.

So of course this was used in several places to see how good it really is.

It’s a thick consistency but absorbs rapidly into the skin, leaving no trace of the product once sunk in. It feels a bit sticky at first, then melts as it warms up on your fingers, massaging into the skin really well.

The drier my skin, the quicker this absorbed.

There is an almond type scent to it, very natural and soothing.

How well did it work?


Very well indeed, I was very surprised.

The skin on my face can become dehydrated and dry super fast, especially with changes in temperature.
Within a day of use, the change was noticeable and my skin felt super soft and smooth.

Plumping my skin also as it locks in hydration, I looked less hollow and more nourished.

When I had a flare up with my skin, I popped the cream on right away and the tightness eased right away.
Now when my skin has a flare up, it goes so tight, red and like leather.
Normally it takes a week or so to settle down but I found in 4 days it was completely gone using this cream.

Total nourishment, moisturisation and complete relief of the horrific flare ups I get.

My hands, well this was absolute magic.

Dryness and cracked skin adorned the knuckles and around my fingers. The rest of my skin is super tight and sore, rough and dry on my hands.

Straight away with use, the tightness eased. My hands felt softer and I could see the visual difference in the redness and cracked parts of my hands.

After 3 days of use (I kid you not!) my hands were plumper, smooth and there was no dryness, redness and the cracks had gone. I was astounded. Absolutely in shock!
My hands have never looked this good!

On the patches of eczema it went away completely in 4 days, the red, dry, itchy patches had completely gone.
Nothing worked this fast apart from steroid creams but I try to avoid them if possible.

The itchiness went within minutes and they no longer felt tight and not as rough.

Final Thoughts

Never have I had such a good multi-purpose product that can be used on any part of the body.
I am astounded how fast this cream worked on reduction of tightness, redness and extreme dryness.

Even stubborn eczema had gone.

This is why I am a huge lover of Weleda and the products adorn my sons cabinet as he gets absolute relief from it.

Affordable, wonderful and a little goes a long, long way!

*This product was sent to review in an honest, unbiased opinion of my own wording

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