The Unexpected House Move

We had to move unexpectedly. We knew it would happen eventually, but not this soon.
In short, we had trouble with neighbours and had to leave. There was no other option. This was an unexpected house move.

We did not realise just how much there was to do, things to change and the endless sorting of our possessions.

The first thing we did after we secured our home was decide on what we are taking and getting rid of the rubbish.
It was a long, hard decision that meant decluttering is a must.

You never realise how much clutter you have until you have to pack it all up.
It was just never ending.

Choosing what we wanted to take, what we wanted to donate and what needed to go to a skip.
This meant a lot of tip runs, taking items to a local charity shop and then finding loads of boxes to pack our belongings.

We had a month to move, to arrange everything and get everything sorted.
There was an awful lot to do, little time and limited money.

The hardest for me personally was changing everything over to the new address. Some things we can not change until our driving licence came back with the new address as we needed proof of the new address.
The problem is, everything is online for me. All my bills are online and no longer get paper bills.

Also remembering everything I need to change, I did not realise there was so much!
Literally, I went through my purse with all my store cards and changed everything over.
Then I had to get all my paper work out and change everything.

I signed up to all sorts, I can’t even remember half of it.
So I am currently going through my emails and changing address on everything.

Renting a van is probably the most straight forward.
But getting everything packed up and in the van is the hardest.

As we had to move so unexpectedly, this is causing a bit of financial strain for a few weeks.
I have bills to pay still, but having to dip into my savings.

One thing I did consider was a short term loan from Cash Lady, which means we have enough money to move and can pay it back the week after.
The problem is, I get paid the week after we move which is bad timing.

I hadn’t realised just how expensive moving house is.

We currently have fitted wardrobes so one thing I have to purchase is new wardrobes.
These are rather costly.
Another is a sofa for the conservatory so we have somewhere to sit, as my lads want a gaming room.
We never had this luxury before, so of course they have taken it over and decided it’s theirs.

Then decorating, I decided I want to decorate the house to our taste.
Plus I keep finding nice little things to make my office look lovely. I have been working on my office lately.

We have a nice big garden this time that we can use in peace without abuse. Garden furniture is a must as we can now entertain which we couldn’t before.

I am excited to move if I am honest. 4 years of problems with neighbours has just been too much and has affected my health.
Hospital trips, A&E visits, constant pain, illness, fainting. Mostly caused by stress that exacerbated my conditions.

I can’t wait for a new start in my new home, this will be great!

*This is a collaboration post.

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