The top 3 reasons to manage pain without the risk of addiction

Pain something that is inevitable in this life. There will be many moments when we will experience pain, it may be emotional or physical, but it will come. For others, living with pain has become a way of life. It may be because of a trauma they experienced, or an injury they went through.  

Millions live with pain every day, and many turn to painkillers to help them function in their daily lives, but with the painkillers comes a risk that’s why it’s better to manage pain without opioids. Read below for the top three reasons why you need to do this.

1. To lessen the risks of drug dependency – there is an opioid crisis going on in the country, with the drug being prescribed too many times and more than needed. The result is that there are many who have become dependent and addicted to the drug. And these are not just the people that the drug was prescribed for. Somehow, opioid medication has found its way to people who do not need them. As Whole Health explains, there are high risks associated with opioid painkillers. Going for the non-opioid alternative may still treat the pain effectively but without the fear of being dependent on it.

2. To raise your self-esteem – in society, it cannot be helped that there is a stigma associated with opioid painkillers. So even those who are using it appropriately feel shame at having to take the medicine due to the nationwide opioid crisis. Many have low self-esteem thinking they’re less of a person because they are having a hard time managing their pain. But the good news is that there are alternatives, actually a lot of alternatives that do not have the stigma associated with the opioid medication. As you shift from painkillers to non-opioid ones, you will feel your self-esteem rising up and you will not feel ashamed anymore when you walk about what you do to manage your chronic pain.

3. To improve the quality of your life – for some people, the pain has become so severe that their lives are greatly affected. They cannot work or have normal relationships because their lives revolve around trying to live without pain. But if they take the opioid medication, they also become too dependent on it and become addicted, also causing negative things in their quality of life. That’s why it is always a good decision to try the alternatives first and resort to opioid medication when nothing has worked. But more often than not, you will be able to find an approach to pain management as you try the many choices offered to you. For others, chiropractic care and acupuncture have done wonders. For some, something as simple as exercise and regular therapeutic massage has made the pain more manageable. With a holistic approach, you will find that it’s not just your pain that has improved, but you are less stressed and you are happier about life.

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