The Calm After the Storm: Deliveries Following Christmas

Christmas and New Year is a busy time for anyone, with all the shopping, visiting families, and nights out with friends and colleagues, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on.


But, if you think it’s difficult navigating Christmas, just think about those who ensure you get everything under your tree on time; couriers and delivery services. Working across this busy period like a real-life Santa Claus, it’s their busiest time of year, and as we know, there can sometimes be a backlog and a knock of effect into the New Year.


Delivery drivers over this time of year have been known to work exceptionally long hours and deliver a ridiculous number of packages. Some have even said they worked 18-hour days during the period. But sometimes even this can’t help, with retail behemoths like Amazon suffering huge delivery issues to their Prime service in the last few years.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s giants like Amazon, Parcel2Go, Royal Mail or even an individual doing it off their own back – chances are, Christmas will have a massive effect.


But how does that affect you after Christmas, and when does everything go back to normal? Let’s take a little look below to see what’s going on.


After Christmas


While we all have our last postage days to guarantee delivery before Christmas Day, getting one after can be a little bit more of a surprise.


If you look at Royal Mail, the company doesn’t collect or deliver between Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Normal services then continue from the 27th to the 30th and then pauses until the second of January, unless Sundays happen to disrupt this (except Scotland which returns to normal on the third).


We can then assume that post and deliveries will go back to normal, and often the issue of a late delivery could be down to the company not getting it sent out in time, or running out of stock.




When it comes to Christmas it can be difficult to understand just how busy couriers actually are. Some self-employed delivery drivers work right up until midnight on Christmas Eve, which is why the way couriers work is a little different to Royal Mail.


Although the may have the same times off due to public holidays, they’ll work longer hours following the breaks. This should ensure that your deliveries will arrive as normal once the madness of Christmas is over, and we’ve made it through that week where time doesn’t exist.

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