The Basics That Make Any Outfit Look Good

We all want to look good in how we choose to dress. However, a lot of people tend to get caught up in the question of what, exactly, we wear instead of how we wear it. Rather that getting into different outfits and items that will help you nail a look, we’re going to look at the basics of you, your style, and your natural look that can help you look good in just about any outfit.




Your eyes

Let’s start with one of the single most expressive parts of your body, one that’s going to be revealed in the vast majority of outfits, and the place that most people tend to look when they’re talking to you. Heightening the impact of your eyes and giving them a little more range of expression can be a great help. A high-quality mascara can immediately make them more eye-catching and attention-holding. Eye care creams will help you look much fresher and more awake throughout the whole day, too. There’s nothing that can undermine how you feel about an outfit than catching the sight of tired, unfocused eyes in the mirror. Take care of them and accentuate them.

Your hair

When you’re putting together an outfit, choosing the right components matters but you don’t want to be paying so much attention to the trees that you miss the forest. You need to consider the complete picture and the whole look. For that reason, it’s a good idea to be more intentional in choosing a hairstyle that properly conveys your personality and helps act as the first building block towards an outfit. Websites like serve as great catalogues of different hairstyles, breaking them down by length, colour, and different common traits that you might like to stick to most. Not only can a good hairstyle serve as the first item in building any outfit, it will look good even if you’re wearing nothing at all.


Your smile

Nothing conveys confidence, warmth, and good nature like a smile. Whether you want to be more influential amongst your peers, more comfortable around friends, or more appealing on dates, the smile is your greatest diplomatic tool. What’s more, you have it regardless of what you’re wearing. So, do make sure you take care of that smile. Discolouration is very common, but not all unfixable. Whitening strips can help you ensure your smile remains bright and clean-looking regardless of what you subject your teeth to. Don’t neglect the impact that the right shade of lipstick can have, either. It’s a good idea to test different shades to find those that work with your skin tone and have a selection that you can vary between depending on the palette of an outfit.


Your palette

That colour scheme can be tricky for some to define, too. A sense of basic colour theory, as shown by places like, is going to help you ensure that you’re never veering so far off the course that your outfit is jarring and a mess of conflicting colours. But what do you base that palette off? Much like with lipstick, it’s a good idea to base it off what you have already. Your skin complexion is the most common jumping off point but choosing colour schemes that maximise the impact of your eyes or your hair colours will make even more use of those always-reliable elements. You don’t have to limit yourself to colours that fit your natural scheme, but it serves as a good pillar.

Your accessories

You never want your outfit to look too basic or lacking in personality. Even on those days that you can’t put any more time into your choices than finding a blouse to throw on or you’re focusing more on comfort than aesthetic, you can make sure a little bit of your fashion flair always shines through. The single easiest way to do this, of course, is to get accessorizing. Watches, necklaces, earrings, hats, sunglasses. Build up a little collection of growing accessories that allows you to personalise even the most nondescript of outfits. You can find a signature piece that ties all your outfits together, too, establishing a personal sense of style in any situation.

Your figure

Just as choosing colour schemes based on your own natural complexion can help you establish the fundamentals of your style, so too will your figure play a key role in making any outfit better suit your shape. There are a lot of style guides that will teach you what to wear based on your body shape, but some people take issue with that. Sites like can provide tips on how to wear whatever you want while making it fit your body shape by, for instance, using a waist belt with layers or flowy dresses. This can help accentuate your curves if you’re a more bottom-heavy gal. Learn not how to limit your fashion based on your shape, but how to adapt whatever catches your eye to flatter you most.


Your body language

With the successful adaptation of new outfits to your body can come a new sense of body confidence. Communicating that confidence is key. Just as your smile can help, so too will your body language. While it’s primarily useful in professional situations, body language lessons can help you become much more naturally comfortable with postures that convey inner-strength, self-esteem, and empowerment. Body language can also help you master the art of looking confident even when you don’t feel it. As they say, fake it till you make it. Looking confident leads to feeling confident, especially as you notice the different way that people treat you with a little change in posture.

Your rules

Rules are made to be broken, apparently, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t build a solid set of fundamentals. Websites like can be a great primer of the most basic “rules” of fashion. However, it doesn’t mean that the common rules always have to apply 100% of the time to you. Instead, by learning the rules, you can also learn how to change and adapt them, as well as which ones you’re most able to break. Think of it as creating music. You start by learning the instruments and the practices already available and widely practised before you start using that knowledge to create your own, personal material out of it. The exact same goes for the supposed rules of fashion. They make for a good jumping off point.

Your touch

Personalisation makes a huge difference. We’ve already noted how you can make use of accessories to make clothes better fit your body shape. However, regardless of your shape and whatever item you want to wear, you are always going to make it look better if you learn a little DIY tailoring. Know your measurements and be willing to buy clothes that don’t immediately fit them. With some tailoring knowledge, you can make them fit you perfectly with a few alterations. You don’t have to spend thousands upon thousands returning time and again to your own bespoke clothes designer. A sewing machine, a few needles, and some thread is going to be much cheaper and can be just as effective.

There’s nothing to stop you from wearing anything you want. However, if you want to feel confident in whatever you choose, too, then it’s a good idea to focus on the elements that can improve any outfit. Simply putting in the effort can help you feel a lot better about pulling off a whole range of looks.

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