Should We Trust Clinical Trials?

Picture of a doctors stethoscope lying on a desk

Having a chronic illness, I hear quite often the big question ‘Should we trust clinical trials?’

I thought I would start looking into this more and see if they really can be trusted for medications and various things that we possibly use with living with a chronic illness.

A clinical trial is in short a way to ensure a product will work on people using a blind testing structure.
So a blind test is where you have the actual product and then a placebo – seeing which patients see a huge difference in either.

They will also see if there are any adverse affects with humans and test whether it really does work.

It’s very valuable with new and upcoming medications that can save someone’s life or even helping with pain.

I would recommend visiting a centre that does trails and see if you can get on to a program, you never know, you may find a new product that helps you.

It’s especially good because the researchers can find out what it helps with, if it needs tweaks or strength changes.

Now when we think of clinical trials, we may start to think about things oing wrong. You are perfectly safe if anything does happen as you are already in a clinical environment. Surrounded by doctors and medical staff that know what they are doing.

There are some companies that offer things such as clinical trials so feel free to visit this company for more information.

Should be trust clinical trials? Well, they are people like you and me that have been trying these products to ensure they work and show a change, for example in blood pressure if testing for a new blood pressure medication.

This turns out to be valuable as then it can be dispensed to the public via our doctors or on the shelf (Depending what it is being trialled)

I would always highly recommend offering your services for a trial. I have and it went really well, I have since been prescribed the medication and it has made a huge change to my life.

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