Planning Events Can Be Stressful

Having a big soiree can be expensive, time consuming and very stressful. Planning an event can be the thing you loathe and essentially ruin your fun. Planning events can be stressful.

By the time the event comes along, you can be tired, fed up and so stressed that you feel like going to bed instead.

All your plans, ideas and organisational skills have gone out of the window.

There are many ways you can overcome the stress and below is some tips.

Make Lists & Notes

Take a couple of hours out, get comfy on the sofa or in bed and make a list of everything.
Keep it in order so you have sections for what you need.
Example – Decor in bold or underlined, then list everything you need.

Make notes also and any finer details you want.

Keep a pad by the side of your bed or near you so when you think of something, you can quickly note it down.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking a break is essential, don’t overload yourself.

Decide on set days of the week you focus on your event, then don’t do anything on your ‘off’ days.

Have a day of doing not much, watch your favourite shows or films.

Take a weekend break and spend time with loved ones, have some fun.

Hire An Event Planner

Hiring an event planner can take a huge load off your mind.
Look into an event management company that can do the organising for you.
Make sure you know what you want and outline everything to them.

Different themes that suit you and what you want. They may be able to do much more as they have all the cool connections.

Imagine an Alice in Wonderland themed party, or a 1920’s New York themed party.
The list is endless.

Sleep, Rest & Recharge

Sleeping, resting and recharging is very important.

When you are exhausted, everything seems worse than it is. You can;t focus correctly and can make you feel very blue.

Make sure you get your regular sleep.

Switch off 2 hours before bed. Read, watch tv or relax.
Don’t go to bed with things on your mind, write it all out then leave it downstairs or in your office.

Don’t take your phone to bed either. Sleep at least 8 hours, or however much you need.

Take A Walk Or Shower

If you feel you are getting frustrated and things are getting on top of you, go for a walk.

The fresh air will help you clear your mind, lungs and will help you collect your thoughts.

Showering can be relaxing also and help dissolve all that tension and agitation.

Spend a few hours having a long walk or a pamper session.

There is many ways you can de-stress.

*This is a collaboration post

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