Sainsbury’s Boutique Lipstick Review And Swatches

Sainsbury's Boutique Lipstick

Sainsbury’s have their own line of make up called Boutique. I was sent the new, exciting and utterly fabulous range of lipsticks currently available.

Now these lipsticks are not available in most stores yet, however they will be coming out soon.
Totally with more colours in the range also!

I have never considered using supermarket branded products. Not quite sure why however after this I certainly am. Carry on reading to see why!

I was sent 7 stunning lipsticks in a variety of shades, covering the classic colours. The names for the colours are amazing, I adore the naming of the colours.

Sainsbury's Boutique Lipstick Packaging

They come wrapped in plastic so you know they have not been opened. Nothing worse than getting home to an already opened and used lipstick.
Believe me, it’s not nice!

The packaging for the lipstick is black with Boutique in silver. With a very heavy and expensive feel, these products feel great to hold.
I did think they would be plastic, light and easy to break but no, these are amazingly good quality. I’d say packaging wise, up there with YSL.

These lipsticks don’t particularly have a scent, they don’t have a fruity or vanilla like scent. Just smell like regular lipstick.
I can’t explain it, just smells like lipstick.

The colours are fabulous, there is a purple/berry shade, nude, red, pink, coral, brown and pinky coral shade.

Sainsbury's Boutique Lipstick Swtaches

The formula is very long lasting, however some colours better than others, which I will go through each one individually later on.
Consistency is really creamy also it does not dry the lips at all. It’s rather moisturising, again some shades more than others.
You do not get the creased look on your lips either, or patchiness which I sometimes get with lip products.

Super easy to apply too, the lipstick lasts about 4 hours for me, longer without eating or drinking. Again depends on the colour.
There is slight transfer especially on the darker colours.
However this isn’t something that particularly bothers me as my high end products transfer anyway.

Colour pay off is immense, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t this.
They look just as vibrant on the lip than in the packaging.

So lets get started on the range of colours available.

Gift Of The GabSainsbury's Boutique Lipstick Gift of the gab

I love berry tones in my autumnal catalogue of lipsticks. I rearrange my favourite lipsticks depending on the time of year. Autumn for me is certainly darker shades like dark nudes, browns and deep red or berry shades.

This is a dark, purple berry like shade but looks absolutely stunning on my lips.

Very easy to apply, it glides on my lips and one coat is just perfect. There is no patchiness at all and when wearing off, it doesn’t dry my lips or make them look flaky.

The Naked TruthSainsbury's Boutique Lipstick The Naked Truth

This is a very light nude shade, it looks good with a minimal, natural look. Otherwise can look washed out with a heavy eye.

Very creamy consistency and has a slight opaque look to it.

It’s a great colour for an every day, natural lip.

Happy As A ClamSainsbury's Boutique Lipstick Happy as a clam

I love this, it’s quite an orange based light coral lip that looks good with neutral eye colours and big lashes.

This is more on the orange side of coral, but looks great for a summer colour.

Applies really well and great pay off.

Paint The Town RedSainsbury's Boutique Lipstick Paint The Town Red

This is honestly one stunning red, it’s a deeper shade of red which I absolutely love.

Does not stain and lips look incredible. Slight transfer but that’s fine.

Lasts a good few hours.

Brown As A BerrySainsbury's Boutique Lipstick Brown as a berry

This is an unusual colour for me, it’s literally a berry brown.

Looks absolutely stunning and perfect for a more heavier eye.

Slight transfer, however this is so vibrant and rich.

Don’t Rest On Your CoralSainsbury's Boutique Lipstick in Don't rest on your coral

This is a more pinker coral, I do love pink corals as they go with everything. I am certainly a pink kinda gal!

Again, amazing pay off and lasts most of the day without drying lips.

As with the rest, they are all so moisturising and buttery.

This is my perfect every day shade.

Out & AboutSainsbury's Boutique Lipstick in Out and Pout

A set of lipsticks would not be complete without of course, the perfect barbie pink.

As I said, pinks are my thing and this is the epitome of barbie pink.

There is no patchiness which can happen with these types of pinks, long lasting and amazing pay off.

These lipsticks are actually really good quality for a Supermarket brand, not what I expected at all.
I am not sure what I was expecting really, but it wasn’t this.
Sainsbury’s have some good quality make up now, I would certainly purchase more.

*These lipsticks were sent to review and my thoughts are of my own

Sainsbury's Boutique Lipstick

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