Real Time is Real Money – How To Earn Cash In Your Spare Time From Home

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We’re living in the 21st Century – it has never been easier to pick up odds and ends of cash, even from the comfort of our own home. We are seeing the biggest rise of business startups ever since the pre-millennium decline, and finding a job is as easy as tapping in your requirements into Google.


Yet we still aren’t fully utilising everything we have. While you are sat surfing the web at night, either on your phone, computer or tablet, there is money sat just waiting for you to earn it. The trouble is finding out where it is hiding for you to be able to cash in on it.




If you love to write, you have probably already considered starting up a blog if you don’t have one already. These are great platforms for your personality and style, and can serve as a business-related posting system to raise your online profile. There are several ways to profit off of blogs; this is usually through the readership that you acquire and other companies capitalising on your web traffic, but it is an income that has to be worked at. There are some bloggers, such as Dooce, who are able to quit their full-time job to blog from home to earn cash. You need to find not necessarily a niche market but a good, consistent style of writing which will attract readers to keep coming back. This can be informative, witty, humourous or blunt – whichever way you choose to write will determine your audience.


If you can’t wait for the payout of blogging, there are online copywriting agencies who are willing to take on freelancers from all over the world. If you know that you can write a good article, or have often thought that you could provide a great piece of copy for a particular website or brand, then branch out and see what work they could offer you. No longer does this job need to be in-house – with advances in technology such as the introduction of Google’s docs and hangouts, there is a simple and effective way for you to communicate and trade across your work.  This can be a great way to earn cash.




Take a typing test online and see what your speed is. If it is over 70 words per minute, you could consider doing some online audio transcription. There are a myriad of different things that you can get for this, from software to foot pedals to aid your work, but realistically all you need are headphones and a computer. The work can vary from medical transcription to the typing up of court cases and confidential phone calls. Companies are forever looking for transcribers to help them on projects – just make sure that you get a fair rate for how fast you type. If you are quick then theoretically you could increase your rate per hour just going on how productive you are and the time you can turn the work around in. Although not common, there are also jobs to type up letters and other forms of communication for companies, where you will have to go into an office or they send you via recorded delivery to work from from home. As the handwritten letter is becoming less common, so is the style of work that is available.


Online Surveys


If you haven’t done it before, have a look around online for the best paying online survey sites. These require you to do surveys in exchange for cash – but don’t be expecting to become a millionaire overnight. What you receive may need to gradually build up over time, but it’s still money that will be in your account at the end of the day. Some surveys will only take 2 minutes or less to complete, while others require a bit more of your time (these are often the ones that will pay you more for your time also). There are ways and means of incorporating these  surveys into your everyday routine without really noticing that you’ve done them – you could sit and do them on your break or even have a crack at them while watching TV/cooking dinner. A fab way to earn cash. They’re not on a timer, so you can leave the page open all night and visit it as and when you want.


Become a Rep


If your presence online on your social media platforms is big, you could definitely consider becoming a representative for an online company. You may have seen them before – the ‘big ones’ at the moment are Forever Living and Younique. You will be sent their products to sell, taking a commission on everything that you place to order. It isn’t just beauty and health products that you can go online to promote; there are a wealth of different companies which are only all too glad to get you on board with them and promoting them online. This can be anything from books to food to garden furniture – those who are investing in the wider online market are seeing the massive potential of getting a social media representative on board. Not only will this see you bringing in the extra pennies, but it’s also great for bagging freebies that are sent for you to try. Add to this the massive discount you yourself will get on anything that you wish to order, and you’re onto a sure winner. What a way to earn cash.


Make Cash from Your Trash


If you have anything lying around your home that you’re not using anymore, or has been sat in a cupboard/loft for years on end, you should definitely get some money out of it and put it up on an online auction site like eBay. What is your trash is another man’s treasure, and this could be anything from old mobile phones to McDonald’s Happy Meal toys that you collected when you were younger. Subjectivity is no issue online – people know what they want and they also know exactly where to go to get it. What you may think is a silly thing to list on the site could be something that another person has spent years looking for … so don’t delay and start snapping some great photos to sell your product!  

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