Playing With Perspex

Lately I have been looking at different things I can do with my spare time, one thing is making things with perspex sheets.

I decided to do something with these perspex sheets I had and these are a few of my ideas.

Storage drawers – I have a few of these storage drawers for my make up but I found I needed different styles and sizes depending on what I needed them for.
I wanted bigger ones for my skincare then smaller ones for my make up.

I also wanted to make a lipstick and nail polish holder to store all of my items.

But I found the ones you purchase are small, boring clear plastic or just not appealing.

So I decided to start making my own!

Photo frames – I like photo frames but found they were boring or not how I wanted them to look so buying perspex was a good way to mount my beloved favourite pictures.
You can put glitter between the sheets to give a lovely frame, or coloured perspex.

I like things to match so I have been looking at organisation for my desk. Pen holder, drawers, filing.
Could also make matching photo frames and art work.

One thing I wanted to make was a string of coloured hearts. hanging across my office.

Could even stick lights behind them and have them light up at night, they would make a fabulous prop for videos.

So many things you could do around the home, what would you make?

*This is a collaboration post.

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