Paul Mitchell Extra Body and Moisture Range Review

Paul Mitchell Hair Care

Flat hair is something that I suffer with badly. I can get body into my hair, but 30 minutes later my hair is very flat, limp and has no body.

To get any body, I have to use some industrial strength hair spray but this hurts my scalp. So I was in need of something good without destroying my hair.

I also have very dry ends, I mean so dry that they look like straw or become fluffy and ratty.

I need moisture at the ends and volume at the top.

Through the post I receive 3 items, in fabulous packaging and couldn’t wait to rip the box open and slap them on my hair.

Products that arrived were: Paul Mitchell Thicken Up, Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Boost and Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisturizer.

I will review them all separately then provide my final thoughts after.

I adore Paul Mitchell packaging, it’s nice, clean and easy to use.

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Thicken Up

A lovely thin bottle with a pump at the top. Dispenses the right amount by pressing down the pump as required.

It’s a clear gel like consistency and is not at all sticky.
I can easily massage into my hair with no issues.

The scent is quite sweet, like a sweet perfume. I really liked this scent and it lasted hours on my hair.

I found the formula to be very lightweight, there was no heaviness or crispiness with this either.

Drying took as long as usual, as you use this on your hair when you hair is wet.
I found it was easy to style my hair as I wanted.

Now the big thing – Big hair!

Yes that is right, I had a lot of volume in my hair and my hair looked so much thicker.
I could pin my hair back with the volume and thickness, I could braid. I could do everything with my hair looking thicker and fuller.

I found the fullness did not drop either until next wash.

The next morning, if I slept with it down my hair looked even more voluminous.
There just seemed to be loads of volume just from sleeping.

I found too that my hair did not get greasy quickly either, usually I need to wash every 2 weeks because it gets greasy. however with this I could go 3 or 4 days before I needed to wash it.

My hair was much softer if I am honest, but I really love the volume this added.

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Boost

Packaging is easy to use and hold. There is a inch long pipe for the spray.
This is great for getting to the roots of your hair.

It’s a water based mist that has the same scent as Thicken Up.

You use this on damp hair, but I have also used on dry hair just to add a bit of volume.

Again there was no heaviness or crispiness when my hair was dry.

Super easy to style, I used a big round brush or hung my head upside down.

I had much more volume from this, than the gel.
It is weightless volume and even tamed my fly away hairs.

Admittedly, this volume lasted until I washed my hair again, it did not get matted or become flat. Even when sleeping on it, I found again I had more volume.

The scent lasts on my hair all day long, even into the next day. It’s such a nice, sweet scent.

I really like the ease, scent and how well this works.

Paul Mitchell Moisture Super-Charged Moisturizer

Suffering so badly with my hair, I needed something to give me a lot of moisture.

I use many ‘moisture’ products and nothing seemed to work really well. So of course I was a little hesitant about this and did not get my hopes up.

This comes in a lovely squeezy tube, easy to use and easy to dispense.

It’s a thick cream and is easy to apply to hair. Has a nice, clean scent.

I left this in my hair for 30 minutes so I could let it have a good soak in.

Rinsing out was super easy, it didn’t take me ages to rise which I like, sometimes conditioners or treatments can take a good 20 minutes to rinse out.
However as I said, this was easy.

Once rinsed out, there was no slickness left on my hair, no product left on there and it wasn’t greasy or loaded with product.

I dried my hair as usual with a hair dryer, using a brush and also left to dry naturally so I could see if there was a difference.

When I dried my hair with a brush, my hair was so straight, so soft and felt amazing.
My hair was not at all dry at the ends like usual.

I then left to air dry and my hair again was so smooth and soft. No dryness at all.

My hair was not weighed down with any residue and I was so shocked at how soft my hair really was.

My hair did not get greasy quick which can happen with some treatments, but luckily this did not.

So moisturised and it looked so much more healthier.

I now use it once a week to keep my hair nourished, it does keep it looking good for so long.

It’s a very good treatment that worked even after washing, my hair would stay the same for a few weeks, before I noticed the dryness creeping back in.

My Final Thoughts

I really like the Paul Mitchell brand for hair products, I found they worked well and did not cause any issues with my hair.

From volume to moisture, this brand is certainly on my list for re-purchasing.
There is a few things from the collection I would love to try.

And of course, I absolutely love the scents. Scent is very important to me.

Have you tried Paul Mitchell before?

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  2. oh I wonder if they would do anything with my huge mop – mines so long and think that no product is making it nice and shiny and healthy looking I have tried most products to date I know it needs a good cut but this weather is making it so dull

  3. I read the title and thought “great, Paul Mitchell now do body products” haha. I’ve tried Paul Mitchell before (been a while though) and think it is more reasonable for higher end hair products. I have very thin, but lots of hair so feel it will help build volume and stop it being flat x

  4. I have used Paul Mitchell products many times and I have always felt they are great quality products and work very well. It sounds like this line is also very good and it did a fantastic job on your hair.

  5. I haven’t tried this brand before, but I’m loving the sound of the volume adding product, also love the way it doesn’t weigh your hair down x

  6. I love Paul Mitchell products and will buy the products when I feel rich. I have the opposite hair problem. My hair is frizzy and thick. It sounds like these products help you.

  7. sounds interesting, although I am weary of buying from salons for one the prices but I don’t mind paying IF the product is worth it. thank you for your review 🙂

  8. My hair is super thick so I dont need any more volume, but I love the sound of the moisturiser, as my hair is so dry and needs a good treatment!

  9. I haven’t tried them no but I have seen them and always wondered if they were any good. My hair is super flat too, I’ve tried so many different products for boosting.