Ideas For Our Conservatory

We have been looking into ideas on how to make our brick conservatory look better as at present it’s very plain and boring.

We wasn’t sure if we wanted to completely knock it down and build a new one or just have new windows and have the roof taken down and replaced with something else.

We currently have a solid roof so it doesn’t allow a lot of light in so one of our ideas was a glass or maybe a perspex roof.

Then we got looking online for ideas for this.

One of our ideas was looking into glass roofs and seeing what beautiful styles were out there. We wanted something that would look perfect with a brick shell.

I love the pointed look and got into a rabbit hole with many ideas, textures, styles and even colours. Who knew there would be such a wide range of ideas to choose from.

Windows was another idea of ours to change, but of course we needed the windows to match the roof so it was obvious we need to go to the same company for both or at least ensure it’s the same style, colour and material.

I am not a fan of the brick currently and of course we got looking into our options for that.

I felt there was no need to really knock it down as structurally it’s perfect but looks boring. Stone cladding was yet another idea we had. I found such gorgeous examples of this and fell in live with a cream stone cladding.

This would save costs as having it knocked down and replaced would be much more expensive than just giving my current conservatory a bit of a zing!

However with these changes we would then need to look into new windows for the house which I am being honest here – they need replacing as they are old, dated and tired looking.

Should we go with the stone cladding we would have this over the entire house also.

A wonderful way to make our tired looking home turn into the dream home we wanted – well on the outside.

We have a vast array of options and choosing what we want is proving to be the hardest.

Regarding windows and a roof for the conservatory we couldn’t decide what colour would look best. Whether we chose black, brown, cream or white. White seems to be the most popular colour.

I know with the stone cladding we want a cream colour like the picture above. In fact this is the ideal colour and style we want to it’s a case of choosing a colour for the windows and roof.

Then of course there is the front door! Again it’s all down to the colour scheme we choose. If we went white we can literally choose any colour for the door. One thing we don’t want is a white door so we will choosing a coloured door. I did think about black but then it was a case of plastic or wood.

I really like wooden doors but they wouldn’t match our conservatory door either. So I guess we would need plastic. However the conservatory door would need to be white to match the fixtures and fittings.

As you can tell we have a lot of work on with deciding what we want for our home. Exterior work is really hard!

*This is a collaboration post

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