Back To School Snacks With Degustabox August 2017

Anyone that knows me, knows firstly I love subscription boxes. Secondly, my family loves snacks.
New products are always a must in my house and my family (especially the kids) absolutely adore the snacks I find online. So giving the Degustabox a go was right up our street. My post features Degustabox August 2017 subscription.

Degustabox is a monthly food subscription service that delivers a wonderful array of foods, drinks and snacks straight to your door.
It’s a great way to try out new products and especially if you have a family, get them excited to try new things.
The subscription costs £12.99 per month and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 goodies.

Cracking deal – Get your first box for £5.99! Just use the code KBPTU

I know with my kids I had to find a new and exciting way to try new food, drinks and snacks. This is the perfect way to get them interested in trying something.
On the sofa they were, sharing the snacks and sweets between them. Leaving things for me to try to one side. Nice they think of me, right?

Degustabox August 2017 is a great way to introduce new things to the kids as it is a special ‘Back to school’ edition.

There of course is an alcoholic and none alcoholic version. Great for the adults to have something of their own.

I suppose I best get on with the review, I do talk too much.

Degustabox August 2017

‘Back to school’ theme has been amazing, a box full of yummy food to try and the kids liked the majority.
This was a win for us.
The box is now empty! I did manage to score some snacks for myself though.

So the evening plan was a movie and majority of the box out, ready to dive into¬!

I have divided this into categories to make it easier for you to read.

Savoury Snacks

We had a full pack of assorted Seabrooks crisps and 2 packets of Light Bites.

Seabrooks crisps we haven’t eaten in years, maybe since I was a child when they were popular and all the rage.
I almost forgotten about them and re-ignited my love for them.

I have to admit the Sea Salt and Vinegar was the best. I have since purchased them as I remembered just how much I enjoyed them.

They have great flavours with a crinkle shaped crisp. Even the kids enjoyed these.
I think what I liked most about them was they were not hard, they were easy. We all hate having a crisp stick in the throat. Yuck!

Light Bites are completely new to me. I had tried some veg crisps before and found they were, well… Not all to nice.
So I was very apprehensive to try these as they are ‘Soya and chickpea popped chips’

But I had absolutely no reason to be apprehensive as these are the most delicious crisps I have ever tasted. I kid you not!
The flavours came in pesto and sundried tomato and also sweet and smoky chipotle.

But oh my word, THE FLAVOUR!
Serious, the sweet and smoky chipotle is amazing. It tastes like chipotle but has first an almost sweet taste then turns smoky. It’s delicious.
I found there was a bit of a kick to them but wouldn’t say they were overly spicy.

The pesto and sundried tomato tasted exactly like pesto with sundried tomato. That nutty flavour but I could detect a huge hint of cheese with this one which made them almost creamy.

I have since purchased these for myself as the kids wasn’t keen, but I really was.

Sweet Snacks

The sweet snacks in Degustabox August 2017 was absolutely incredible. Although I got 1 item, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the rest.

We received 2x Jelly Squeeze, pack of bite sized Curly Wurlys, Refreshers Softies, Dairy Milk Big Taste and Pick Up’s.

The Jelly Squeeze came in orange and apple & blackcurrant. My 3 year old was right in there, claiming them as his. Encouraging me to let him try them.
Normally he has either the jelly cups or jelly I made and makes a right mess.
So I was quite interested to see how he got on with these.

They lasted a whole 5 minutes before they were demolished, sharing with his older brothers who tried a bit too.
My older boys said they tasted great and would eat them again.
My toddler nodded, thumbs up with a mouth full of jelly. They went down a treat.

These are amazingly handy for younger kids, but even the older kids like them too.

Bites sized Curly Wurlys we have had before, everyone loves these. They didn’t last long either and were shared by my children and my partner.

We have had pick ups’s before, quite a while ago and I can’t even remember which ones we had. But the boys really enjoyed the Black and White version.
My eldest said they remind him of another brand, but were more delicious.

My youngest scoffed them with a thumbs up!

Then they tried the refreshers softies. I have seen these on food shops but had no idea if the kids would like them so never thought to purchase.
It was split half and half, toddler and middle son loved them, partner and eldest disliked them.

Consensus is they taste exactly like the normal refreshers, less chalky and more squidgy.
My eldest wasn’t keen on the feel of them and said they felt weird in his mouth. My other half just didn’t like them at all.

Finally in this section is the Dairy Milk Big Taste. This I got to myself as it has whole nuts in.
It was slightly sickly so I ended up eating small pieces over a couple of days. Generally I don’t eat chocolate and sweets so it can be too much.
The caramel is smooth and the middle part is very creamy. It’s great for a treat.


This month you get an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink. Depending on which option you choose.

We received a delicious Orangina and the Orangina light as well as an alcoholic drink called Halo.

I don’t drink alcohol so the testing was left to my partner which he (not so reluctantly) agreed to try.

I have never tried Orangina Light before so this was the first drink I tried. I really enjoyed it!
It was just as nice as the original, in fact I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if I was blind folded.
My older lads have never tried Orangina and really enjoyed it.

The alocholic beverage we received is Halo Coconut Water & Ginger with Vodka.
I love coconut water so was sad that I couldn’t try it (I take medication you can’t drink on)

My partner said it was very refreshing and light, it’s nice ice cold and with ice.
He would drink it again.

Savoury Food

I love noodles so was excited to try Fusian instant noodles. Sometimes especially when working I like a light, quick snack and do enjoy tese types of noodles. However I have not tried this brand nor the flavours before.

I received the Hoisin Duck and Firey Sweet Chilli.

The hoisin duck is very rich in flavour and reminded me so much like duck with hoisin sauce.
It was very flavourful and would have been lovely with a bit of duck.

Now the Firey Sweet Chilli tasted exactly like sweet chilli and had a nice kick.
I paired this with some plain chicken and really enjoyed it.


I was excited that we got condiments, something old and something new. Hellmans Real Mayonnaise coupled with McIlhenney Co Tabasco green pepper sauce.

Of course a staple in my house is Hellmans Mayonnaise, it’s used almost daily by my family. Even me.

I have never tried the green pepper version of Tabasco sauce. We always purchase the red one. My eldest loves spicy food and puts Tabasco or similar sauces on his food often.
I really enjoyed using this and my eldest did also. He has since claimed it as his and now using it in his food.

Final Thoughts

For my first ever Degustabox, I was overly impressed.

I was very impressed that it had a wide range of items in and it was fit for all of the family.
It had us trying new and old products.

In regards to the old products we forgot about, it ignited a love for them again and now have them back on our food shop.

New products we really enjoyed and some we will purchase again, or have purchased again.

It’s a great way to try new products as well as reminding you of the products you tried ages ago were so good but you completely forgot.

Cracking deal – Get your first box for £5.99! Just use the code KBPTU

*This box was sent for me to try and review, also offering you a cracking deal on your first ever Degustabox!

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