Choosing The Right Loan

Choosing the right loan is stressful. There is a lot of things to consider like your credit score, costs, monthly payments and ease of getting one.

If you have bad credit for whatever reason, debts, CCJ’s or simply having no credit, you may find it hard getting a loan.

Finding a loan where you can choose the amount and amount of time to pay it off, with all amounts shown is slim.

Sometimes there is hidden fee’s or the total amount is not transparent.

You can choose guarantor loan specialists such as Glo.

It’s a very easy to use website that is transparent with all fee’s and the sliders you can move around to choose the right amount and length of time to pay it off.
It also shows you the total cost and monthly repayments so you can see if the repayment costs suit you.

You can get the payment within 24 hours, so long as all goes smoothly.


We always have a point in our lives where we need money, boiler goes and you need a new one, car failed MOT and needs to be scrapped, unexpected vets bill… the list is endless.

Finding money in a short amount of time is hard, especially if you have adverse credit.

The first thing we do is look online, comparing rates and seeing if we can afford the payments. Then apply, however sometimes it can take weeks to receive the payment or even just for acceptance.

So this would be an option, for those desperate times. Just make sure you can afford the repayments.

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