Chicago Remains A Hotbed of Drug Related Activity

Recently cited as one of the main import locations for all drugs entering the United States, Chicago continues to be one of the most dangerous places for people to live, and one of the most difficult cities for authorities to effectively battle substance abuse and drug related activity. Named the most deadly city in the United States, Chicago is home to gangs and drug mules, as well as experts in social work and substance abuse. The fight against both crime and drug offenders has been ongoing in the city for decades, and the shift in the new U.S. administration might make it challenging for those on the front lines to continue their work as previously planned.

Calling In the Feds

As President Trump recently announced, politicians may soon lose control over the policing of Chicago if crime stats continue to grow. Hundreds of people have been shot in the city of Chicago in the month of January alone, and this directly ties to the city’s booming drug trade. As gang members continue their turf war, the work done in substance abuse programs remains a largely uphill battle. There are few places in the city of Chicago that are free from illegal drugs, making it extremely difficult for patients in recovery to find a safe haven.

Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Compared to other major cities in the U.S. that have successfully tackled drug use, Chicago is severely lagging behind. Despite the fact that millions of dollars have been spent on the funding of new substance abuse programs and initiatives, drug use rates continue to climb. Police officials are confident that they can eventually get a handle on the drug trade by going after key players, but in the interim, the city’s residents carefully conform and hope for a better tomorrow.

Planning For More Aggressive Measures

Chicago politicians cannot maintain the same ineffective policies on drug users and offenders and expect real progress to be made. With hundreds of new laws already proposed to take effect this year, it is expected that recidivism rates will fall and that addicts will finally get access to beneficial substance abuse programs. As social workers continue to work with families that have a history of substance abuse, the feeling is that things will eventually turn around. New policies can result in major changes for the better, including safer streets, more jobs and a more positive outlook for what has come to be known as the most dangerous city in the U.S.

Although it is safe to visit the more metropolitan areas of Chicago, being a resident in one of the lower income areas is a very different ordeal. People who live in Chicago most certainly love their rich and influential city, but they are getting fed up with having to bury the young and live at the mercy of violent drug dealers who seem to be able to kill without conscience. In the end, it is going to take an initiative of major proportions, a police force well equipped to deal with violence, and the support of local residents in order to clean up Chicago’s drug trade for good.

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