Can You Claim If Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong?

Cosmetic surgery is often thought of as something that is done to alter your appearance because you want to look better, which in turn will make you feel better about yourself. Sometimes, though, there are health reasons that prompt this type of surgery being carried out. A gastric band could be used if someone is so overweight it is a danger to their health, and laser eye surgery could be used in the process of fixing cataracts.

Regardless of why you have the cosmetic surgery, you do not expect it to go wrong and make your health or looks worse. It does not matter if you undergo the surgery on the NHS or in a private practice; they all have the same duty of care towards you. If you are wondering if you can claim if cosmetic surgery goes wrong, the answer is yes you can as long as it can be shown that the medical professional that treated you was at fault.

Breast Surgery

It does not matter whether you undergo breast surgery for health or cosmetic reasons. You should still receive the same high standards of care, before during and after your operation. Problems can occur from the outset if the surgeon does not assess the case properly, and the patient turns out not to be suitable for this type of surgery.

A medical negligence claim could also be because of symptoms that happen after the surgery, such as loss of nipple sensation, blood clotting, post-surgery infection or excessive scarring to mention just a few. Even breast surgery that appears to be successful at first can result in problems later if implants slip or rupture. Often, when looking for breast implants outside of the NHS, the chance of medical negligence occurring is much more likely – if you are unsure whether a medical professional looking after you was negligent, make the most of websites such as who provide free advice on claims.

Gastric Band Surgery

Are you looking for the best medical negligence solicitors because your gastric band surgery has gone wrong? Was there an error with your operation such as the band being put in the wrong place, or damage being caused to another organ? Was the care and advice you received after having your gastric band fitted up to standard, so that you did not get infections? These are just some of the things that can go wrong with gastric band surgery and you should have been informed of all the risks. Were you?

If the medical professionals that carried out your gastric band made a mistake of any sort, you should be speaking with medical negligence lawyers about making a claim for medical malpractice.

Hair Removal

Not all cosmetic procedures are carried out at hospitals, some of them take place at beauty salons and clinics. You do not need to be a doctor to carry out a hair removal procedure, but if it goes wrong it would still come under the umbrella of medical negligence. Always make sure that for this type of treatment you only use someone that is qualified to perform it, as there are no regulations in the beauty industry and this is one of the reasons that medical negligence solicitors are dealing with more of these types of claims.

The first thing that should be done is checking out any skin conditions you may already have, and a small patch test should be carried out to make sure you do not have a bad reaction to the treatment. You will not be happy if you receive burns from hot wax or a laser that leaves permanent scars, or if the colour of your skin changes in the places that have been treated. Medical negligence UK should not take place because of a lack of care in carrying out the procedure, but if it does you need expert solicitors to help you with your claim.

Medical Negligence Claims UK

Medical negligence claims are complex and the onus is on the patient to prove that the healthcare professional made an error that caused them an injury, or made an existing condition worse.

Evidence will be needed towards this end, and the sooner your claim is started the easier it will be. Any witness statements could be useful, if perhaps a family member or friend was with you when you had a consultation with the surgeon. Your medical records, of course, will be a vital element of building your case, and the opinion of another independent expert in the field in question will be asked to compile a report on the care and treatment you received.

Whether the procedure that has gone wrong for you is cosmetic or otherwise, it should not have been allowed to happen. Making a compensation claim in this situation is your legal right, but as a legal process it is not one you should attempt on your own. Medical negligence claim experts are the answer, as they will make sure that you are treated fairly now, even if you were not during your treatment.

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