5 Healthy Tips To Make You Feel Better

The last 12 months I have been pestered by health professionals to become better with looking after myself. Sadly for the first 6 months I failed miserably.

I have struggled with things like quitting smoking, eating more good food for me and also exercise which is something I really struggle with lately.

So I thought of 5 tip to help you feel better and look after your body more.

I am working on this and you will see developments along the way.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is paramount. Plenty of fresh vegetables and stopping the sugary foods and drinks that we consume so regularly.

There are so many things that are readily available like snacks, quick meals, pre-prepared food and even microwave meals. These are loaded with sugars, feats and nothing good for you.

Ditching the heavily sugar and fat laden food is a start.

Diets are good but make sure it is a balanced diet and you follow one that suits you and your body.

Also plenty of research. If you need iron, find iron rich foods like spinach.

Stop Smoking And Limit Drinking

Of course very importantly you need to stop smoking, cut down, switch to vaping and also cut down on your alcohol consumption if you drink.

One option for quitting smoking is using a vape. You can get cheap e-liquid in the UK and the costs are much more beneficial as it costs a lot less than cigarettes or tobacco.

It’s a good way to save money and help your health, you can lower the nicotine amount over time to 0 then stop.

Also quitting smoking by using different methods is also another good way to help stop smoking. There is patches, tablets, chewing gum/mints and therapy.

Alcohol you can reduce, have you tried virgin cocktails? They are delicious. I don’t drink at all and haven’t for a few years. I certainly saw a benefit of this.

Also cutting down alcohol will help to make your liver function better.

Supplements and Vitamins

In the UK we are generally deficient for minerals and vitamins that are vital to enable our body to work properly.

Looking for natural supplements or vitamins helps greatly in feeding your body the good stuff it really needs.

For example I have been taking hair and nail vitamins with biotin and my hair is growing thicker, nails are stronger.

I also stock up on vitamin D as we are generally low on this due to our terrible weather.

I also have aromatherapy for relaxing and taking some me time. I get to clear my mind and stay focused.


Exercise is very important. Everyone should do some form of exercise even if it is something small like desk exercises.

I have been very ill and have a few conditions. Fatigue and pain when exercising is one so I started off slow to build my muscle strength then started yoga.

So beneficial to help maintain your muscle strength and keep the blood flowing through your body. As well as this is also helps your heart and keeps your body strong, heart pumping and get those endorphins flowing through your body.

If you struggle with exercise, try gentle ones. Desk exercises or on your bed bed like bicycle legs. Just get your muscles moving.


There are many ways to clear your mind, relax your body and take a moment to reflect.

You can try aromatherapy, online courses that teach mindfullness – there is loads online for free. Meditation or simply sitting in a dark room with peaceful music on and relax. Get something scented on to clear your mind and help you relax.

This will keep your mind healthy and help you stay focused especially if you are stressed. Eliminating stress as much as possible is something to also consider.

Have you tried different ways to help your body and mind?

*This is a collaboration post.

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