Bodhi and Birch Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil

Face oils? I am there! I love a good face oil. Especially the Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil

To be honest, I love any kind of oil, face, hair, body.

Now, the face oil I will be sharing, is from Bodhi and Birch, who had a recent name change, so I do apologise that the picture is of the old bottle with just ‘Bodhi’ on.

So let’s get to it shall we?

I was over the moon when I received the Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil, I absolutely love facial oils and at the time, I really needed one.

I received a 5ml bottle and had constant use out of this for 2 months.

Yes, it really did last that long as you don’t need a lot.

I used it mainly at night, something to pamper my skin with under a mosituriser and I have to say, it’s perfect, you couldn’t ask more from an oil.

Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil comes in a cute little glass bottle that is black, keeping the light out and stopping the rays from making the oil go funky.


Now, this oil has a life time of 6 months, plenty of time to get your use out of it.

It has a cap over the lid as it is a push down pump, easy to get the oil out in my opinion.

The cap comes off really easily and is easy to put back on.

The nossle as you can see is quite small, giving the impression that when you try to dispense out the oil, you will get only the smallest amount, this is actually true.

With 2 pumps of the Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil, I can get enough oil to cover my entire face and neck no problem, 
This is great because it means you need less and the contents of the bottle will last a lot longer, something we all like to see these days, products going further.

It’s a very bright orange coloured oil and the scent is quite strong.

I like a nice strong scent, it just promotes relaxation to me.

The scent itself is slightly bitter, powerful and luxurious. You can detect the scent of the neroli, frankincense and sea buckthorn, neroli being the most powerful.
You can also detect a subtle hint of ylang ylang, orange blossom and lavender, giving it a sweeter, floral scent, masks most of the bitterness from the neroli.

The scent is so natural, it is exactly like the essential oils, nothing manufactured here at all. Not watered down with other products, just 100% natural oil. Heaven!

Being a natural oil, I absolutely love it, and you can tell from using just how natural it is.

Two pumps is all you need, warming up in your palm by rubbing in a circular motion with fingertips, then apply to the face in nice, even strokes. Once applied, just give it a little massage into the skin in circular motions, this helps the skin absorb the oil.

What I love about this oil also, it does absorb really well, doesn’t leave a greasy mask on your face, but a nice sheen that looks and feels fantastic.

It’s just perfect for applying moisturiser over, as it sets a great base to make your skin look and feel wonderful. I rarely used a moisturiser, this was just enough for me.

With one use, my skin looked hydrated, felt softer and had a nice glow to it.

After a week of use, I noticed my skin pigmentation was evening out to one colour, less of the red patches and any blemishes I had were gone completely.

After two weeks of use, I had radiance all the time, even after cleansing.
My skin looked more defined, frown lines were looking less prominent and for once, I looked healthy.

Having M.E does unfortunately mean sometimes I look terrible, my skin can look awful and I do need products to boost the radiance and get rid of that sallow look I have. 

I also am prone to break outs, but the whole time I used this oil, I never had one.

I was quite upset when I had run out as I broke out, lost my radiance eventually and my skin was crying out for more.

I can always tell if a product is good, I look different when I stop using it.

So for me, this is a really good product and I do recommend trying if your skin needs some radiance or a boost.

You can get a bottle of this wonderful oil for £32 for 15ml.
I know, you may think it is expensive, but believe me, it lasts!

You can also find the oil here

Find their website, Facebook and Twitter below.

Bodhi and Birch Website
Bodhi and Birch Facebook
Bodhi and Birch Twitter

Check out their range, they have products for all skin types.


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