Beautiful Boho Chic

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Are you the kind of gal who loves to be a little different? Do you love nature, beauty, and pattern? Beautiful boho chic might just be the look for you with its whimsical shapes, dreamy designs and practical approach to looking good.


Check out the key pieces you will need if you want to achieve a beautiful boho chic look:


Maxi Skirts


No self-respecting boho chick would have a wardrobe devoid of floaty maxi skirts. The maxi skirt is the key to creating all manner of boho chic inspired looks, and you should have at least a couple of them in your wardrobe too.


The key to choosing the perfect maxi dress is to find a piece that isn’t too voluminous and poofy (not practical when you’re out in nature) and which will go with lots of other clothes. Wear your maxi skirts with everything from your favorite band tees to a cute camisole, for an effortlessly cool free-spirited look.


Ankle Boots


Cute, comfy ankle boots in a neutral color are seen on boho girls across the globe, and it is not surprising because they’re extremely versatile, comfy and attractive. They can be teamed with everything from skinny jeans to maxi skirts, and they’ll keep your feet comfy whether you’re dancing the night away at Glastonbury or taking part in a protest march.



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Hippie chicks almost always have long hair, which they let flow freely when they’re not sporting sexy braids, which is why you rarely see a boho chick without a headscarf, tie or bandana. If you want to really steal the show, and it’s a special occasion, switch your standard headscarf for a crown of flowers, and you’ll really impress those hippie guys you’re so often found drooling over.


Maxi Dresses


Boho gals don’t like to spend too much time getting ready for festivals, which is why they all have at least one printed maxi dress in their wardrobe, which they can simply throw on and accessorize with a pair of sunglasses and a headband.




Ideally, boho beauties would wander barefooted through the streets, but that isn’t always practical, so if you don’t want to damage your feet, invest in a pretty pair of gladiator sandals, which will let the sun shine through, show off your manicure and perfectly accessorize your maxis, jeans, and shorts.


Denim Cut-Offs

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When the sun is shining down, boho chicks aren’t afraid of letting the world see their legs, and their favorite way of doing this is by recycling an old pair of jeans into some killer daisy dukes. Not only do they offer a cheap summer look, but they also keep your old clothes out of landfill – something that boho girls are all about!


Boho Bags


Woven purses have that handmade look that hippie chicks can’t resist, even if they are in fact really expensive. Invest in one and even on your most casual day, your outfit will be a both more dressed up, and your boho credentials will remain intact.




On those days when you want to throw on a simple pair of jeans, team them with a pretty floral tunic for an instant boho uplift that will make you easily identifiable to other hippies on the block.


What are your boho wardrobe staples?

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