Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm – Review

Cleansers are a huge staple to every skincare routine and is certainly something I use twice a day religiously. Balm cleansers are a staple also in my winter skincare routine at the moment so I had to share my wonderful Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm.

My reasoning for using balm cleansers is exhaustive however I have a few main reasons and benefits.

Cleansing balms give a lot of nourishment to the skin as well as deeply cleansing.
Packed full of goodies, they help with the dryness and irritation that comes along with winter.

Relief is always found after using a cleansing balm.

Carry on reading to find out why I love this particular cleansing balm.

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

Packed in this cute box is a jar of cleansing balm and an organic face cloth.

Feeling the cloth, it is super soft but has texture to exfoliate the skin a little when taking off the balm.
Cream in colour, this is really nice to use.
Washing is a doddle also, it comes up just like new. Even getting off stubborn make-up.

Packaging for the balm comes in a plastic, brown, slightly see through pot with a almost matte black plastic lid.
I expected glass but I am glad it is plastic as I worry about having glass in the bathroom with the kids being so clumsy at times.

Now the scent of this I adore so much, I can mainly detect the rosehip which is a favourite scent of mine. I do love products with rosehip in.

A slight hint of mango which is refreshing for the morning and a subtle hint of calming coconut.
Totally perfect blend of scents.

Texture wise, this is really hard at first, once the warmth of my fingers melts it, it’s very easy apply to the face.

It feels so gentle on my skin and can feel the tightness of my skin easing straight away.

Taking this balm off is super easy. Using a cloth and hot water, I massage off my skin.
There is no residue left on my skin.

Skin feels so soft and smooth after use.
Hydrated, replenished and soothed, my skin has never felt better.

Final Thoughts

After continual use my skin is nourished, soft and well cared for.

I found oil production had dramatically decreased and the texture on my skin was finally fading to leave my skin radiant and soft.

The nourishing properties is amazing. My skin feels smooth and the redness had gone.

This is a product I will keep using over and over.

I purchased this from Holland and Barrett

*I purchased this product to review in my own words.

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