Top Tips For Keeping Delicate Clothing Looking Great

We all have those delicate clothing items in our collections that need a little extra love and care. So thought I would write my top tips for keeping delicate clothing looking great!

From cashmere to silk, we all have something that we really need to be careful with washing and drying.

I know when I had a cashmere jumper that it was accidentally ruined when it sneaked into my normal laundry and resulted in shrinking and feeling rough and itchy. I was gutted as I had spent a pretty penny on it.

Silks can become incredibly creased or toughen up if not washed correctly.

Okay so washing machines have a delicate cycle but can you really trust it? I reckon not so.

So here are some tips for keeping delicate clothing looking great!

Top Tips For Keeping Delicate Clothing Looking Great

1. Hand Wash

Hand washing delicate clothing is a must, firstly you don’t get the rough and tumble that you do from a washing machine, decreases the risks of creasing or shrinking and you can control how warm the water is.
Wash with cooler water and give a quick spritz of even cooler water to avoid stretching or shrinking.

2. Take To A Dedicated Dry Cleaners

There are my dry cleaners out there that are really good with cleaning our precious items, some people use them for everything or just to wash things that need a little care.
As well as that, they also offer tailoring so if an item has popped a seam, they will fix it for you, all under one roof.
A website called Sproose is a great place to find dry cleaners.

3. Use Dedicated Washing Products

You can now buy dedicated cleaning products suited for delicate clothing such as Fairy Non-Bio which is great for using on delicate clothing (or skin).
Persil also do a silk and wool product which can be used on most delicate products.
If you want a cheaper version, Asda do their own silk and wool version especially made for delicates. This is what I personally use and gentle enough on the hands when hand washing.

4. Always Read The Labels

Before washing you must always read the labels. It will tell you exactly how to wash, maximum temperature and whether it can be dry cleaned, put in the dryer or ironed.
They are very important instructions for caring for your items.
If you are unsure what they mean, Google it! Don’t guess.

5. Separate Colours

Separating colours is always a must, lights must be washed alone as generally colours do run. Even after several washes you will still get colours running.
I always recommend to hand wash any coloured fabrics alone, then whites together. This will ensure your beautiful white top does not tun pink, or the red and blue runs together making an awful purple colour.

6. Wash Beaded/Sequinned/Embellished Clothing Inside Out

Yes you got that right, this is for any item of clothing, regardless of being washer/dryer safe.
To avoid them catching and falling off, always wash them inside out. They will still get clean don’t worry, but this will avoid them being roughed and tumbled against other items which can cause them to fall off.

7. Air Dry Or Use A Clothes Horse – No Direct Heat

Air drying clothes is the best way to keep them looking great and stopping any direct heat will avoid shrinking.
If the weather is bad, no worries! Set up a clothes airer near a radiator so it’s warm, but not on direct heat. The clothes will dry perfectly without the heat shrinking them or making them stretch.
If you want to keep the scent, then air dry inside the house, rather than outside.

8. Use Mesh Bags

If you want to wash them in the washing machine, use mesh bags so they are nott tugged or stretched. Sometimes something can get stuck and would up, causing stretching or tugging on the clothes. Maybe there are items with zips, this will stop the zips catching and snagging/tearing the clothing.

9. Pre-Soak Or Use Gentle Stain Remover

Pre-soaking or using a gentle stain remover will aid in removing stubborn stains from gentle clothing without having to scrub them or use harsh chemicals.
Alternatively take to a dry cleaners who will do this for you, but use a reputable one to ensure that your clothing comes back immaculate.

Doing the above will ensure your clothes are staying cleaner, fresher and snag free, no more stretching or shrinking.

Do you take care of your delicate clothing?

*This is a collaboration post

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