Time For DIY

We decided to start decorating the house and do the odd jobs that we could manage.

The first room we started on was the livingroom. When we moved in, there was this awful battleship grey/green colour on all the walls. It was horrific.
We have been here now for over 3 years and decided it was time to warm the house up and stop the house looking so dingy and drab.

We got a big bucket of magnolia as it is a really warm cream, then it was time to look for a nice paper for the chimney breast.

We spent hours looking online and nothing looked right, we wanted something with a bit of cream, grey and black.

Any colour schemes we found that matched had awful patterns. Or the pretty patterns just didn’t have the right colours I wanted. It was beginning to be a nightmare.

We ended up going to some discount wall paper shop, literally the last one I looked at was the one I purchased.
After spending nearly 2 hours humming and aahing, I finally found it.

Textured black but not black black, it is a little lighter, grey, silver and of course cream.
It was perfect.

Then came the lovely DIY.

As we got 2 new sofas for the livingroom, we had to change everything. The TV and shelving had to be moved to the other side. Which my partner dutifully did.

I was watching in awe as he expertly took everything down, filled holes, sanded, papered then painted.
Proceeding to move everything to the other side of the room, with moans of ‘be careful’ from me.

Once the TV brackets and shelving was back up, it was time to get some curtains up.

I have blinds in the house but decided I wanted curtains in my office also. So my lovely other half popped the rails up as the rails we had were tatty and needed replacing.

Again, lots of ‘be careful, don’t slip/fall’ as yes I am a worrier.

Now when drilling into walls, I worry an awful lot. Especially with the whole asbestos thing that has been flooding the news over the years.

Slater and Gordon, specialists in mesothelioma compensation, created this DIY awareness guide.


It is important to be safe with renovations, DIY and decorating. So this gives some good tips and also some fun when decorating or DIY.

Show off your creations.

Have you been doing any DIY or decorating recently?

*This is a collaboration post

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