The Stress Of The Big Car Purchase

I am currently looking for a car so I am writing a sponsored post of what problems I have come across. I take my test soon and I am finding the stress of a big car purchase is wearing me down.
I have been looking all over the internet and I am either finding not enough information or I am wary of the website I am looking on.

EBay scares me, I have heard so many bad things about purchasing cars from EBay and I wouldn’t want to pay out so much money for a car that breaks down on first use.

I have a rough idea of a car I would like, something small but big enough for 3 children. An easy to maintain car that doesn’t cost the earth in petrol.
Maybe something like a Ford Focus, it’s the car I learnt to drive in and feel it would be big enough without being too big. If you know what I mean.

I like comfort. Comfort is a huge must for me. I need to be able to sit in the car for periods of time without any problems with my back or legs.
I have to be sat correctly otherwise I can get back pain.

But then I have to choose a colour. My favourite colour is purple but not sure a purple car would be suitable for me. Maybe black, seems the easiest colour to choose from.

Finding websites for new and used cars is the way I am going to go. Making sure there is a warranty for at least a year so any faults would be repaired for me under the warranty.
This is a major worry for my big car purchase.

Another thing I found is the prices are so vastly different for one particular car of the same year. I found to look for the higher prices, better conditioned cars that would last me a couple of years at least.

Then the insurance, this is another problem with my big car purchase. I want to get a car that would be quite cheap to insure.
A car for me would only be used on school runs so I don’t really want to be paying a lot to keep it running.

My big car purchase will be soon, I am not looking forward to it because I keep wondering, what if?
What if the car broke soon, what if the car isn’t suitable, what if the car is expensive to run?

I am going to be doing more research into the car I want and look at reviews of websites and cars. Check out the guarantee and warranty and make sure it’s suitable and everything I need is covered.
Do some comparison quotes for insurance and see what I am looking at regarding a car.

This is stressful!

How did you find your first big car purchase?

*This is a sponsored post.

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