Shop Smart, Save Money



Too many of us go through life being dumb with our money. Specifically, we’re not clever shoppers. We waste loads of cash on things we don’t really need, or we spend too much when there are clear savings we could make. We don’t shop smart.


So, here are a few tips to help you break your bad habits and shop smart for once in your life:

Create Weekly Menus For Your Food Shop

Spending money on food is a natural part of life. After all, you can’t exactly starve! The problem is, most of us are less than smart when we shop, and end up spending way more on food than we need. The biggest problem is when we buy loads of things and pack our cupboards full of food that doesn’t get eaten, and we throw away. So, first thing’s first, only buy what you need. To do this, create menus of what you’ll eat every day, and it enables you to see exactly what you need and nothing more. Secondly, you could influence your menu by seeing what’s on offer in the shops. If you see that pasta is on offer, why not decide to have pasta a few days this week so you can make good use of the discounted price? It’s simple, and you’ll save loads throughout the year.

Buy Clothes From Off-Price Retailers

If you’ve never heard of an off-price retailer before then, you’re probably wasting a lot of money on a lot of clothes. This refers to stores like TJ Maxx that sell well-known brands but for much lower prices than you’ll find in other shops. No-one’s quite sure how they manage to do this, but why question it when it means you can save money. The savings you’ll make over the course of a year by buying your clothes from an off-price retailer are staggering. Especially seeing as there’s nearly always a TJ Maxx promo code out there to help you get even more money off. So, stop spending loads of money at branded stores and shop at off-price retailers instead. You’ll still be able to look stylish, you just won’t have a massive hole in your bank balance anymore.

Use Cards To Collect Points

If you’ve been on this blog before then, you should know there’s an earlier article about breaking the credit card habit. It spoke about how you should stop yourself from constantly using a credit card to pay for things. Well, one of the main reasons people use credit cards is because you can sometimes get points with them that add up and can be cashed in with the credit card company for something worth money such as vouchers. This is a good idea, but only if you use your card responsibly. Otherwise, there are other cards that stores and shops offer for free that you can use to collect loyalty points and then cash them in to get discounts. Either way, make good use of cards to collect points and save as you shop.


Shop smart, save money. It really is as simple as that, all you have to do is follow these three tips, and you can stop wasting your cash and start saving it for a rainy day.

*This is a collaboration post

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