Do You Have To Live In London To Enjoy A London Salary?

There is probably no better place to spend it if you’ve got a London salary. London is a great city to live, work, shop and play. Sadly, it’s not the cheapest place on the planet, but it certainly does have a lot to offer. Workers can also expect a greater salary for working in the nation’s capital than in most other places in the UK. But you don’t have to live here to earn the money for living here. Here are five ways to enjoy everything London has to offer its workers:


Living In London

Living in London offers you that much coveted London weighting. The salary will be topped up to cover the increased cost of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Some employers through in other London-based benefits like Gym subsidies and travel cards. If you want to live in London, you might be able to cut down your commute costs, but you may have a much higher rent to pay for accommodation.


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Commute To London

This is the option preferred by many people who get to take home a London salary. Some will travel around two hours in each direction just so they can afford a home to live in. Those that like their own gardens, or just a bigger property for less money will most likely commute in. Sadly, with that long commute, you might not have time to enjoy all the other things London has to offer. Nightclubs, comedy clubs, theatres, restaurants, and bars are plentiful, but only if you have nothing else to rush home to!

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Drive In, Drive Out

If you only need to be in London two or three days a week, you might opt to drive in and drive out again. Being stuck in traffic is horrible, but sadly it’s really common in the capital. If the cost of train travel was a little more affordable, you might be more inclined to use it. Of course, the biggest discounts on public transport are offered with the most regular use – not much help if you’re only in a couple of days a week. Still, with the car, you have more freedom to stay later or come in earlier if it suits you.

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Stay A While

If you’re lucky enough to be offered a consultancy or remote worker package by a big London firm, you may only need to come into the office a few times each month. You can find meeting rooms, office facilities and wifi at places like the Dorsett Hotels that can make working in town more comfortable out of hours too. If you’ve travelled quite far from home to get into the city, chances are you’re looking for a hotel that offers that little bit more as a home from home anyway.


Never Been In?

There are, of course, some jobs that never require you to go into the HQ building. Usually, the salary isn’t quite as good if you’re a remote worker or based in a satellite office outside of the city. There will always be exceptions to this of course, but you’ll still be missing out on all the fun life in the city has to offer.

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