Keeping Warm For Winter

Right now we are in a very cold snap and I know my gas costs are going up to a ridiculous amount.

I work from home so during the day in the week, there is only me at home and it seems ridiculous to keep the heating on just for me.

So in the morning I pop it on whilst everyone gets ready for work and school. Then I turn it off. Afterwards, I wrap up with a blanket and hot water bottle and keep myself warm until everyone is due to come home.

I am lucky that when I have the heating on, my house warms up quite quickly and retains the heat. Retaining heat is very important otherwise you are wasting the money you used on heating the house, for it to go cold again.

I thought I would offer a few tips in keeping warm for winter.

Keeping Warm For Winter

Check your boiler is working well

You want to ensure that your boiler is working very well and it could be a case of you need this replacing if it is a dinosaur and constantly cutting out. You want the best out of your heating systems.

I know you can have someone pop by regarding your gas central heating and ensuring all is well. If you do need any work such as a new boiler, ask around and get some quotes.

Buy heating implements

If you want to save your money and keep yourself warm, get some lovely blankets and hot water bottles, these are a great way to keep warm during winter.

I use hot water bottles in bed at night to keep the bed nice and warm for everyone. Nothing worse than getting into a cold bed.

Use other ways to heat your home

Coal or fire is a way you can keep your home warm. Having a proper fireplace that has an open chimney so you can heat your home using wood/coal.

I know it is a very old fashioned way but there is nothing better than having a nice warm house in a more natural and pretty way.

Heat just one room

If like me, you work from home, you could look into heating just the one room.
For example, you could get a small electric heater or an electric fire. Even using a gas one to keep your room warm.

You can but little electric/gas radiators and heaters everywhere. Might be wise to invest in one.

Check your house is insulated

Without insulation, your house will grow colder and colder in a short space of time. Save your money from losing heat in the long run and check you have adequate insulation for your home.

All in all, you can think of other ways to keep warm other than using heating all the time if you are on a budget.

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