Web Design Tips For Lead Conversion

When you are starting a business or already have a business up and running, your web design may be hindering your lead conversion.

I was looking at a few websites and there was quite a few things I had picked up that made me not want to purchase from the website. This made me think about writing a post with tips for maximising your lead conversion just by looking into a few tips for your website.

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Web Design Tips For Lead Conversion

Pop Ups

Try and limit the use of pop ups. Only have one pop up on the screen at any time, more and more will become an annoyance to the user.

Make sure there is a very clear way to remove the pop up from the screen if they customer decides not to enter the email, follow on Facebook or such like.

User Friendly

Trust me, when shopping, I want a very easy to navigate website. Having menu’s are very important as the customer can look for specific items.

Having a clear search function is fundamental for the customer to be able to specifically search for something they are looking for.


Did you know that using a particular colour can make customers want to buy something more?

Blue is considered as trustworthy and cool.
Red shows power.
Pink attracts a young, feminine demographic.
Green is versatile, warm and inviting.
Yellow shows confidence in your abilities.

Using the right colour will attract the right demographic and help boost sales.

Clean Layout

A clean layout is always key, you don’t want a cluttered looking page.

Highlight key points of items before seeing the product in full, keep it short and sweet.

If a website looks cluttered, this may make users want to click off and go somewhere else.

Using a white background is the most visually appealing.

Bright, clear pictures

When you are using pictures on your website, ensure they are on white backgrounds and are clear, bright and just showing the product only.

If you have cluttered or dark pictures, people are not see the beauty of the design/product and may simply click off.

There are quite a few ways to bump up your conversion rates so keep these above thoughts in your mind when you are looking to make changes or start a new website.

*This is a collaboration post


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