Watch For Valentines Day

Well, let’s start with the predicament I am in right now that I have no idea what to get my partner for Valentines day!

I mean, what can you get someone that literally has everything they want?

So it got me thinking, I could get him something that he can keep and wear if he fancied it. I know he refuses to wear jewellery so I had the bright idea of a watch or pocket watch.

I started weighing up the pro’s and con’s of each.

Suppose I got him a pocket watch, I couldn’t see him using it but I know he would keep it somewhere that he can easily see it. He has a collection of Dr Who memorabilia so I could get one related to the TV show.
I know he would really like that.

But then again if I got him a proper watch, then he could actually wear it. I started looking around and Hamilton Watches has quite a beautiful range of watches that he would happily wear. Well, I think?

So I got myself online and then started looking for a pocket watch, specifically made for Dr Who fans. They were very hard to find, a lot were from China so obviously I questioned the authenticity of them.

Finding a legit one was becoming hard, I am not even sure there was one made? I mean, I could be wrong but on my search so far they were all either from China or home made.

I could get one as they are considerably cheap, but then look into a proper watch that I think he would wear.

So then I had an idea of styles he liked from watch shopping some time ago for myself, I flicked over to the men’s section, you know – just incase.

I think I must have visited at least 20 websites finding the right watch within my budget. But I didn’t want to spend too much because I know it would hardly get any wear.

Eventually, I found the one that would suit him perfectly. This took me a good 3 days to find! I don’t think I have ever been so stressed about something before.

Usually I know what I want and off I go to buy it.

At least I have a beautiful time piece for my partner (well 2) and hopefully something he will cherish!

*This is a collaboration post

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