Want To Be A Beauty Blogger?

When I very first started blogging I so badly wanted to be a beauty blogger. I had found a blog on an old platform and decided this is what I wanted to do in life. I really wanted to be a professional beauty blogger.

This was before YouTube was a thing – before the masses of blogs you see today.

But when I started I had absolutely no clue what I was doing nor anything about marketing, social media, SEO. I was totally blind here.

It took me years to get myself a URL and even longer to switch from blogger to self hosted.

My blog took a different path eventually and became what is it today – a beauty and lifestyle blog.

Yes I am considering a new journey with a beauty blog alone so I can do what I wanted but today this is an overly saturated market and you need to make yourself stand out.

So here are some tips if you are thinking about becoming a beauty blogger any time soon.

Create your persona and make it stand out

With such a saturated market you need to really stand out and have people looking for inspiration.

I found being honest helped me pave my way into the beauty industry.

I look at other bloggers and see how different they are from person to person.

One blogger may be focused on eye looks whilst another is reviewing skincare.

Instagram is a great place to show off your talent – whether this is an amazing eye look for fantastic pictures of products you love to use.

Show the world how amazing you are.

Understand the beauty market

Beauty is changing all the time. Sometimes it can be a bit much to take it all in.

There is always something revolutionary coming out. Something completely new to the market.

It’s finding these little gems and showing the world these are fabulous or completely pants.

For example – I saw a highlighter that was a rose. I was in love and started scouring the internet for inspiration. After several reviews in – I made my mind up this was not for me.

I have seen some epic products and I have also seen some absolute epic fails.

New products are in an abundance especially lately. So many themes coming out. From unicorn to roses. There is something coming out and everyone jumping on board with their version.

Keep updated with trends – there are trends all the time. Especially at certain times of the year like Autumn – reds come in fashion.

Learn the benefits of inbound marketing.

Reach out to smaller brands

The beauty market is so vast right now. There are new brands popping up every day and these brands do not get the recognition they deserve.

Look into working with smaller brands and help each other evolve into something bigger.

I found the best companies I worked with were start up companies – okay at first I got one item but over time it flourished into the best working relationship I have ever had.

When blogging people think ‘I need to focus on these big brands’ – not quite.
Focus on the smaller brands and have some amazing working relationships with them.

Review your own products you purchase

I am always saying this to anyone starting out – review what you already have.

Admittedly you won’t catch the eye of brands right away so catch their eye and show some gorgeous products off and well written reviews.

I review all of my make up collection (believe me it is vast) and found this was a fantastic way to catch brands attention. Hey – look at me! Look at my reviews!

As a beauty blogger you don’t have to have loads of make up – just have what you need or be like me and become literally obsessed with it all.

Have fun being a beauty blogger

The most important part is having fun whilst being a beauty blogger!

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