Top Tips To Beat Winter Blues

Winter is coming and I know myself, I have issues struggling with the winter blues and thought a post about how I help myself to beat winter blues I get every year.

I do pamper myself often and more so in winter so I ensure I am feeling my best, this can be anything from a new eyeshadow palette to a hair cut or colour.

Also another thing I am prone to doing is trying new looks, but you can see below what I do and why.

Beat Winter Blues With A New Hair Style

When it gets to the end of September, I always get my hair cut off. Firstly, I cut my hair once or twice a year. I know it’s bad. But my hair grows really fast that by the year rolls round, it’s back half way down my back.

I got my hair cut last week from half way down my back to above my shoulders and had loads of layers cut into it.

It makes my hair easier to manage and I seem to feel like a way to beat the winter blues a little.

Another thing, I love to change the colour. So as it gets colder, I love the darker shades or reds. I have gone back to a nice red shade ready for winter.

Beat Winter Blues With A Massage

Yes you got that right. Winter can be stressful with Christmas coming up, work becoming more manic (If you work in retail) and generally feeling rubbish.

Having a massage can create a calm, relaxing atmosphere and give you some time to think, or not think! Just enjoy being pampered for the day.

I know it can help stiff muscles and tension, best time to get rid of that is during winter. Why not save a little money and have a pamper session, there are some great massage deals around.

Whilst you are there, have a facial and give your skin some much needed love.

Beat Winter Blues With Shopping

We all love shopping for the most part, treating ourselves to a new outfit, new skincare or even a new eyeshadow palette.

I know I do and often look at things I could buy to perk myself up.

Recently I have been loving red toned eyeshadow palettes and deep red/plum lipsticks so I have bought some and when I played with them, I felt the tension melt away.

Buying a new pair of jeans or boots, maybe a jumper can make us feel a little fuzzy inside and that is what you need. The warm fuzzies.

Try a new look, go daring and wear a lipstick shade you would never normally wear. Do something different!

Can You Beat Winter Blues?

There are many reasons we get the winter blues and this can be from lack of sunshine (Yes, this is a real issue in the UK) which can cause deficiencies of Vitamin D.

You can get your vitamin D by taking supplements or getting a sun lamp.

Another reason is the cold and miserable weather, spice up your home with some beautiful, autumnal decorations.

Start planning Christmas and take some stress out by having an action plan ready for when you do your shopping and preparations.

Relax, take it easy and take each day as it comes.

Spice your life up by trying new things, even getting a flavoured Latte from Starbucks! Do something daring and give yourself more adventure in life during the miserable winter months.

More importantly, don’t stress and enjoy it!

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