Top Tips For White Teeth

We all want teeth that are as white as can be. Whether we do a home DIY hack or we go to a dentist to have our teeth whitened.

I was thinking about this recently and started looking into ways we can keep our teeth white and found some fab ways to do this.

Top Tips For White Teeth

Visit a Dentist

The top one is of course to visit a dentist. Although this is more costly, you know that the treatment you are receiving for white teeth is not going to cause you any harm at all.

You can visit the family dentists Fishers for a check up and get your teeth looking pearly white.

Avoid Specific Food and Drink

Caffeine, red wine, red based foods and smoking can make our gnashers look less than white, so eliminating things from our diet that can discolour or teeth is one way to stop your teeth from yellowing over time.

Home Whitening Kit

You can purchase home whitening kits but make sure they are from a reputable brand so plenty of research has gone into what you are using, rather than doing something pretty bad to your teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste

They may not work to go yellow to white, but they are a good way to keep your teeth white or remove the slightest of yellowing from your teeth.

Again go with a well known brand that has researched and tested the product to ensure you are not damaging your gnashers.

Oil Pulling

Recently there was a big discussion about the benefits of oil pulling and many people started doing it, showing amazing results after a few weeks.

Oil pulling is using something such as coconut oil and sucking in your cheeks over and over for about 20-30 minutes each day to remove all impurities from your teeth and cleanse them over time to a brighter shade of white.

Good Oral Hygiene

Last but not least, the most important – having really good oral hygiene.

This will avoid you having any build up of plaque and also remove anything that could potentially stain your teeth. Brush your teeth if you can 3 times a day and use a mouthwash in between to keep your teeth clean, breath fresh and of course stop staining.

Hopefully these tips will help you with getting your teeth nice and white!

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