Tips To Improve Website Design

We all know we look at our blogs or websites and sit there wondering what we can do to improve it. From either the aesthetics of it or making it load faster.

There is loads of things we have to niggle with to get our websites/blogs just perfect. I know I am a nightmare for this.

So let’s get stuck in shall we?

Tips To Improve Website Design

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Before you do anything at all, get a notebook or some paper, hey even open notepad on your computer! Get all of your ideas of what you want, then look at ways to improve the quality of the website.

Have a stroll through Google for some ideas on how to improve your website/blog. If you use something like WordPress for example, have a look at plugins that can help with loading, quality and various aspects of your website.

Maybe take a look at forums as there could be some very valuable information.


You can go with a theme of images like people like to do with Instagram, going for a particular colour such as pink. You don’t have to at all, however some people prefer this.

Maybe consider a slider image over a logo – you can learn more here.

Ensure you are using the same sized picture on allof your posts, with WordPress for example you can choose the image size from pre-set or enter your own dimensions.

Ensure you are using the same sizing to keep the website looking tidy.

Also on your images, ensure you use Alt Text so someone with a sight impairment can get a description of the picture.


With text, only try to use one or 2 fonts as it can look a little bit much if you choose several different styles. Choose font styles that are in a similar category so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Have the body of text a dark colour so this can be seen much easier.

Consider using bold for headlines and important information to make it stand out.

Use a standard easy to read size for the body of text and for everything use like headers, titles and so forth, go bigger! But not too big of course.

Consider using a pop of colour, go for a nice, dark shade of something else for links, headers, menu’s and so forth. Something that fits within your theme.


Always consider lighter colours for your background, dark background with bright fonts can hurt the eyes especially people with eye strain.

Look at light backgrounds or keep it plain white if you want it to look clean and easy to read.

Keep Home Page Free Of Clutter

You heard that right! Keep the clutter at bay. You don’t want too much going on as it can distract from the main object of your website.

Too much could also be overwhelming and users could click off out of frustration.

Keep it clean and easy to read!


Most importantly, you need easy site navigation. Make sure your menu is clear with a home page button/link.

Maybe use some widgets to hop to various aspects of the website and also place a search bar in an easy to see place.

This will make the website much more user friendly.

There is plenty of tips to make your website more visually appealing!

*This is a collaboration post


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