Tips for keeping your roof in good condition

We all know that one of the most important aspects of our homes is our roof. This ensures we keep safe and dry so of course we need to ensure it doesn’t have any damage or surprising leaks!

So of course, I have some wonderful tips to ensure your roof is performing very well.

Tips for keeping your roof in good condition

Keeping an eye on it

Every few months, have a scout around your house outside and check to see if you can see any fallen shingles on the roof, or any gaps where one may be missing.

Also check your attic inside for any moisture as this could be a sign there is a hole in your roof.

Mould or dampness is also a sign around your walls in the corners or at the top near your ceiling.

Ask a professional to check

Ask a professional to check every few years as there may be areas you can not see. This ensures your roof is in good condition.

You want to make sure that your roof is doing it’s job.

You can view here if you want to check further.

Check after bad weather

Whenever we have a spot of bad weather, make sure you are checking around the roof and inside as strong winds can blow or dislodge a tile or 2.

Check your guttering

You should be cleaning and checking your guttering often to ensure they are not broken or blocked.

This too will ensure your roof is draining the water adequately.

Roof repairs

If you do need roof repairs, make sure you get some quotes together and check out the company prior to booking in with them.

Also ask when this can be completed just to ensure you are not waiting a long period if it is an emergency.

Compare the prices and also check online for reviews to ensure you are going with a reliable company.

Check for condensation

Condensation could also be due to your roof, especially if it is around your ceiling area or in your attic.

All in all, we need to ensure that our roof is keeping the water out and holding up well.

I always do recommend to keep an eye on your roof and if you spot something, get someone round as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Leaving an issue for too long could create even more issues, or even things like mould in your attic.

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