The ultimate guide to a chilled holiday!

Most of us only have one big vacation a year so we should make the most of it. A vacation is the time to wind down, to forget all the pressures of work, to relax and enjoy ourselves. Leave the literal baggage at home and enjoy the wonderful experiences that await in an exciting and different destination. Here’s how to have a chilled holiday.



It’s a bad idea to make plans for your first day

Don’t go rushing into a mad day of sightseeing. Spend your first day getting acclimatized to your destination. Take a stroll around the hotel to learn of all its facilities and maybe take a walk into town to get provisions if you are self-catering. If you’ve gone long-haul, you may have some jet lag to deal with so just spend the first day unwinding.



Read a trashy book

There is nothing quite like getting lost in a good book. Vacations are as much for sightseeing and doing water sports as they are for catching up on your reading list. It doesn’t matter if you want to read a trashy novel. Trashy novels are pure escapism and what are you on vacation for if not to escape the real world and the rat race for a while? Grab the book you want and head to the beach.



Have an early night

What is it about fresh air that makes you feel both invigorated and tired at the same time? It is a bit of enigma but there’s also the fact that – proven by science – that we sleep better in fresh air. There’s plenty of time for partying on the beach or in the hotel cocktail bar, so you can afford the odd early night to get some extra sleep.



Have a siesta

You’re on vacation so why shouldn’t you pop back to your hotel room/tent/caravan/RV for an afternoon nap? You should have nothing to concern you to prevent you having a siesta at any time. Your hotel is paid for, you have one sure insurance covering your caravan or RV, and the tent pegs are well hammered in. Plump up the pillow and catch a few zzzs.




Forget digital detoxing

Digital detox has become a bit of a buzzword with many travel advice articles advising you to turn off your phone and leave your laptop at home. You can still have a chilled holiday and stay connected. If social media is part of your life, you can use it on vacation to share photos or stay in touch with family. Just ignore the work emails and anything else work related. Instead of digital detoxing, think about mind and body detoxing instead. Vacation is a good time to meditate or try some yoga.


You can set an itinerary if you want to cram as much into your vacation as possible but be sure to allow enough downtime where you do nothing but relax in some way. There’s no fun getting home from a vacation realising you need another!

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