Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer & Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Tarte is a fairly new brand for me, I spent so long searching for products I would like.
Then I came across the lash primer and mascara.

Now I do love the sets of primer and mascara, I have a couple of different ones so this duo was totally for me.

I love the packaging, but will go more into that later.

Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer

Packaging for this primer I absolutely love as this hasĀ a white snake skin effect on the lid.
It’s super easy to open and close.

Now this is a bristle brush and it coats the lashes really well with the thick, white primer.
Each lash is coated really well and my lashes look suitably longer and more voluptuous.

Should you want even longer, thicker lashes then use a couple of coats of primer like I do.
This does not make your lashes look like spider legs thankfully.

Absolutely no clumping, lashes look longer but very white. This is easy to cover with another mascara over the top.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Mascara is something I wear daily, if I can not be bothered to do a full face of make up then I always apply mascara.
Lip balm too of course.

However, this mascara is not a daily mascara, this is my going out mascara.

Because the primer makes my lashes so thick and long, this mascara makes them look falsified.
One thing I love is long, thick and black lashes.

Gliding over my naked lashes or primed lashes with ease, this coats my lashes really well and gives that deep black depth I love.

Smudging is a no with this mascara, I found there was no transfer on my eye area and it’s relatively good for when your lashes get a bit wet (My eyes water loads)

Taking off the mascara and primer is relatively easy, I prefer using an oil based cleanser as it stops any black staining around my eyes.
As well as leaving my eye area soft and clean.

Both these products are amazing and when coupled together, they make one heck of a duo for ultimate lashes.

*I Purchased these products to review in my own words

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