Take Out The Stress Of Moving

Moving is stressful, most of think of moving and groan inside. We couldn’t think of anything worse!

From getting quotes to packing up. It can become super stressful and I have some tips to help you with your big move day!


Packing is the most stressful thing, but what I would recommend is to write the number of boxes you pack and label them accordingly.
So for example, kitchen items, label all items and keep a list of items so you know nothing has gone missing.
Make sure you buy loads of packing materials such as bubble wrap, paper and stripped tissue/paper if transporting delicate items.

Make a list of items

Make a list of every item you are moving, all your beds, white good, everything. Including boxes, bags and so forth. This will ensure that you have everything at your new home.

Gain quotes and check the companies

Use varied websites for moving to gain your moving quotes for your removal van hire. Check their insurances and what they cover such as damage.
Check their online reviews also to ensure they are positive. Don’t forget all companies will have a negative, just check to see if they are more positive than negative.
You can even check Trustpilot if they are listed on there or social media.

This is also a good way to find removal companies near me if I wanted one in the area.

Limit your box weight

It is very important to limit your box weight to avoid any boxes splitting, around 30kg would be fine.
Put one heavt item in per box and surround with lighter items. This will avoid any issues on the day.

Stack heavier boxes at the bottom

Ensure your heavier boxes go first and are stacked at the bottom, this will help aid from boxes being crushed during the move.

Pack a room at a time

I always suggest to pack one room at a time to ensure that you are not crossing items over from other rooms. This will make unpacking easier.

Unpack a room at a time

Like above, this will make moving in much easier and focusing on your main rooms such as kitchen and bathroom first.

Declutter before the move

We all have masses of clutter so make sure that you declutter before the move as doing it after will make it much harder.
Get rid of all your unwanted items, send them to charity or if they are in bad shape, off to the refuse centre.

I hope these tips will help you with your move!

*This is a collaboration post

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