Reasons To See A Chiropractor

I have been seeing a Chiropractor on and off for a number of years for a number of reasons, mainly for back pain.

I found that going to the doctors was a little bit of a waste of time as they either referred me to physiotherapy that didn’t help or they put me on pain killers, which long term isn’t helpful.

Now there is a multitude of reasons of why you can visit a Chiropractor from back pain, headaches to joints. There is an array of things they can help with.

Family members who have osteoarthritis visit frequently as they got more help and support than going to their Doctor.

So what can you expect? Well this informative link where you can see more about that to expect on your first visit.

Depending where you go, it may differ. For example, at mine I had an xray and I allowed them access to my MRI which shown them the bulging discs.

They then manipulated me in various ways to see where I was having the pain, or if I couldn’t bend back or forwards.

spinal manipulation – using their hands to apply force to the muscles, bones and joints in and around the spine
short, sharp thrusting movements
gradually moving your joints into different positions
pulling or stretching your muscles in different directions

After 2 visits, they had a good plan in place for me to help with the back pain.

Firstly I as given some exercises to do that were not straining and helped with stretching out my spine.

I also then had some form of manipulation to help get the tension from the bulging discs.

Now and again I go back and have a bit of a manipulation and I can last a few more months without the aid of painkillers.

Pricing wise can vary, depending on what you need doing and how long the course will take. Some are quicker than others.

For long standing back issues, it may take a few months until you are feeling better.

However even after, you can contact them if you have any new problems or need to see them as the pain has come back.

I really enjoy going to mine and walk out feeling much more relaxed.

When I have spoken to others with similar issues, I found they too went to a Chiropractor and they said it had worked really well.

The best thing I have done is visit a Chiropractor and if you have issues with your back, head, joints or anything skeletal, give them a consideration!

*This is a collaboration post

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