Online Shopping For Christmas?

I love online shopping, no matter what time of the year it is. Birthdays, Christmas, just buying random things.

The reason I love online shopping so much is for me, it is pain free. No queues, no stress and can choose what I want, when I want and have it delivered quickly.

Only one issue though is you can’t try the items on or check the quality, however most have great returns policies so you can exchange/refund should the need arise.

With Christmas coming up, I knew there was minimal I needed to buy from bricks and mortar stores, just places like Primark who aren’t online sadly.

But I had a very huge list of items and I had plenty of time to compare prices across the internet.

I could wait for the Black Friday sales – or simply buy when I saw fit to.

Now I have to admit here guys, I saved a LOT of money this year by shopping around on the internet. I found some places that had particular items cheaper and managed to on the hole, get free shipping.

Catalogues these days have cracking deals, for example I bought a lot from Very as it was much cheaper than anywhere else and I got a sweet little discount off my first order. We all forget about the catalogues but honestly, there is some great deals on them right now. You can compare the latest catagloues over at and have a peek and what offers there are too.

Amazon took the most of my money this year, I got some amazing steals from there over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They had the deals on over a week period and managed to get a big chunk bought through the amazing deals they had on.

I even bought a new echo and kindle for myself as I couldn’t resist a bargain.

What do you do in regards to shopping at Christmas? Are you like me and spend your time working out the best deals out there? Or just go out one day and buy it all from a shop.

*This is a collaboration post

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