Make the Most of a Trip to Croatia

Sometimes, a trip away can be all we need to clear our minds. What do we do if we want to unwind and explore, though?

Luckily, Croatia offers adventure and relaxation. And luxury lodgings offered by the likes of Villa Plus only heighten its appeal.

Whatever type of vacation you prefer, it can be the perfect destination.

Here are just some of the reasons why.

Beautiful Landscapes

You’re considering a holiday here. So, you have no doubt heard about its beauty. This is one of the few places where you can visit a beach, forest, and mountain range in one day.

If you seek roman ruins along the shore, why not try out Split? Situated right on the Dalmatian Coast, it is an idyll of Baltic life.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park, conversely, showcases the lusher side of the country. And that is just one of its natural areas.

Wherever you decide to go in Croatia, you might just fall in love with its landscapes.


The phrases ‘affordability’ and ‘great views’ are rarely used together. Especially before the word ‘holiday’. But in Croatia, this is possible. This is largely down to its currency, the Kuna.

Although the pound has slumped against the Euro and the Dollar, its exchange rate remains strong against Croatian money. If you holiday here, you are more likely to save money.

What is more, there is heavy competition between Croatian exchange agencies. So, you are more likely to find better exchange rates while holidaying there. You may want to wait until you arrive to change your currency over.

Who knew that such a wonderful trip could be so cost-effective?

Cultural Spots

Croatia boasts a wealth of cultural gems. And they all cater to a range of tastes. If you love history, for example, how about Dubrovnik?

Here, you can bask in the old town’s splendour or view its Baroque buildings. Game of Thrones fans may want to see the shooting location for King’s Landing with their own eyes, too.

Aside from its historical sites, the Baltic country is also home to many other delights. The contemporary art installations and open-air concerts that take place in most of its cities are just two examples of this.

Whether you are on a girls’ trip, a family vacation, or a solo-expedition, you’re bound to get lost in its charms.

If you seek magic in a holiday, why not choose Croatia? This is a destination that guarantees fun, warmth and adventure. It may very well provide the holiday of your dreams.

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