Is Renewable Energy Still A Thing?

We never really talk about energy, our consumption, what we use and how we use it. So my question is, is renewable energy still a thing?

At one point, we would see so many people discussing the options for having solar powered energy, maybe even going back to fossil fuels such as coal.

In some areas of the world, wind or solar power is more commonly opted for as it is cheaper to run, cheaper to buy and great for the environment.
However this is not currently available everywhere and maybe we should be looking into whether we can actually do this. You can check the renewable energy projects for more information.

Solar Power – Renewable Energy

I did look into solar power and what I found was firstly, the expense is really high to purchase them myself out right. In the long run, I wouldn’t really be saving a lot of money.

Then I looked into companies that offered solar powered panels, but you had to pay a % for the power and it was not guaranteed you would receive enough energy to power your home.
There was a lot of terms and restrictions, you can’t remove for x amount of years, they wouldn’t be legally yours and so forth.

In the end I just decided not to opt for this.

Wind Farms – Renewable Energy

If you wanted to opt for this, firstly you would need a lot of land to have your own wind farm, then you would need extensive permits to have your own wind farm. Then making sure they are not too high to interfere with air traffic or cause a danger to life.

I do hope that the need for nuclear will eventually be over taken by renewable energy. The only issue with renewable energy is having the locations to provide wind farms.

We would all prefer this as it would be cheaper to run, cheaper to buy and of course more environmentally friendly.

In time, I hope the UK will turn from the nuclear power we have (We do have part wind powered through) and be completely clean energy that is renewable.

Is this the future for renewable energy?

I really hope so, I am all for ethical, environmentally friendly things and having electricity that is – of course something I would hope we fully have one day.

As our nuclear power plants are ageing, there is only a time frame they can be safe to use, so as the 2020’s start creeping in, we will start seeing them mentioned on the news as being closed. So what then? Well, hopefully renewable energy!

We live in hope!

*This is a collaboration post

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