Home Improvements Are A Must

Home Improvements are a must in every home, whether it is something small to something large. From a new ornament or rug to a new roof, flooring or even a brand spanking new kitchen.

We are always looking at ways of refreshing our house and making our home safe but also something we like to come home to after a hard days work (Or in my case, work in all day)

I know I am forever looking at new ways to improve how my home looks, for example just recently I purchased new cushions. I know it was something small, but it made me really happy in the long run.

Occasionally there are times where we have to make home improvements at short notice, or because there is an emergency say there is a leak, a boiler packs in or part of the roof needs replacing/fixing due to bad weather.

The first thing I do is ask around for ‘mates rates’ if I know someone who can do these jobs, sometimes I know no one and have to put the feelers out there on Google.

The problem is, do you know they are legit? I know I am very anxious about people being in my home that I don;t know, nevermind someone repairing something. Also the question is ‘Am I being charged too high?’

There is a great tool at yourjobcost.co.uk that tells you how much labour, parts and various other aspects should really cost. Then you get an idea of just how you should be priced.

I know myself I have been provided costs that are exceptionally high or questionably low.

This is the perfect way to see just how your quotes fair up to standard around the country. Of course they will never be exact, but it gives you a great ball park figure to work from when comparing quotes you have received.

A way to look into who you are hiring is to check review sites. Ask them for a company name, check their social media. Reviews are always telling of how a company/trades person performs as they have no way to remove the negative reviews.

You can also check with other websites to ensure they have correct qualifications and registered to the right places. Such as Nhbc registered.

A quick Google will tell you how to avoid cowboys and I found some amazing tips to avoid that, touch wood we have been fine so far.

Never accept someone knocking on your door. A business doesn’t need to knock on people’s doors for work. Trust me.

Yes we get leaflets all the time, but I always check their business first. Ask more details. Membership numbers, check they are accredited. Check Google for their name, reviews and social media.

It’s always best to be safe than end up with a higher bill to have work re-done.

Do you make sure you are safe when looking at electricians, builders, plumbers?

*This is a collaboration post.

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