Get The Perfect Autumn Look – Simple Fashion Ideas

The rain has begun, the brief cold bursts of wind and the need to drag out your jumpers ready for Autumn. Shopping is essential to get your perfect Autumn look!

Nothing I like more than putting on a cosy jumper and wrapping myself up warm. It is my comfort.
Wardrobe is full of beautiful jumpers and cardigans that I adore wearing at this time of year.

But fashion always changes and so does my wardrobe.
This does mean that I look to online shops and add to my ever growing collection of Autumn clothing to get that perfect Autumn look.

Autumn and Winter for me means more joint problems as the days get colder and the nights get darker.
So keeping myself warm is essential to help keep my joints in shape and free from pain and stiffness.
Who said I couldn’t be fashionable and warm at the same time?

As I have problems controlling my temperature, I do have a wide range of knitwear from thin to thick. On the days I am feverish, I like to wear thinner jumpers or cardigans then opt for the thicker ones when I am cold.

I have been snooping the internet to find some thinner jumpers as I don’t have as many as I would like.

One that I really like is from Esprit

It’s a beautiful, lightweight fitted top that is just what I would wear.

I wear a lot of jeans, especially darker coloured jeans throughout Autumn, doesn’t feel like the right time of year for light colours.

I have different types of jeans that I wear all year round. Some I wear during the colder months, these tend to be darker and thicker jeans where my thinner and lighter coloured jeans are worn during spring and summer.

Dark jeans perfect the perfect Autum look.

Finally we are on shoes. I can not live without my Converse. Yes I do wear these all year but I prefer my longer Converse as they look amazing with jeans and jumpers.

I also have ankle boots that I wear when it’s wet and cold as you can’t really wear Converse trainers.

Finally, a big, warm, furry hooded coat. I do love my big (fake) fur parka and it keeps me warm and looks fashionable throughout autumn for that perfect Autumn look.

Have you got a particular style you like for Autumn?

*This is a collaboration post.

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