Fun Ideas For Kids Parties

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When you are a parent, one of the things we get asked to do is host a party for one or even all of our children.

Parties are stressful, especially when they invite their whole class and they turn up. So how can we make it fun for all?

Well there is quite a few ways we can do this.

See below for more help on making a party fun!

Fun Ideas For Kids Parties

Hire an entertainer

If you are not doing the usual party at a location that has everything. But instead hire out a place, hiring an entertainer is a good idea to keep your little ones occupied whilst you get the food or snacks ready.

Hire bouncy castles

Tiring out your kids is a good idea and what is better to tire them out than hiring a bouncy castle?

Check out this company for some fun inflatables for your party.

Party games

Keep the kids occupied and entertained by playing some fun games such as below:

Pass the parcel
Musical Statues
Musical Chairs
Pin the tail on the donkey
Treasure Hunt

Hire a DJ

Kids love having a little dance to some music, playing with their friends and generally bring kids!

Hiring a DJ makes well for the awkward silences that parties can have.

Keeps them entertained also whilst they eat

Fun Food!

When we had our own DIY party, I made all sorts of fun food for the kids.

Jars of sweets, funny faces with fruits and even using fun cut outs for sandwiches.

You can find loads of ideas for kids party food on Pintrest and looking online.

There is loads of ways to make a party fun for the kids, think outside the box!

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