Feeling Lost In Life

We all get to a point where we are all feeling lost in life. Whether it is a job or house. Sometimes we just feel like we are wandering down a random path with no sense of direction.

So I know when I hit 30, I sat and thought ‘What on earth am I doing with my life?’ I realised I literally had no sense of direction.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do in regards to a career, or if I even wanted to pursue an actual career or carry on with what I am doing.

Feeling of feeling lost were creeping in and I just didn’t know what to do. So I thought of some ways to help give yourself a bit of direction.

Feeling Lost In Life

Plan, plan, plan

I probably say this in a lot of my posts but planning is always a good start.

Just write down all of your ideas of your goals in life and one by one, try and pick them off as you can. Start with the easiest and go from there.

Maybe do a bucket list of things you want to do or achieve. Then work on that from that day forward.

See a life coach

It’s rarely mentioned but we do have life coaches, they can help us realise what we want to do with our life and get us working towards those goals.

You can learn more about life coaches and see if this would really benefit in giving you some sense of direction.

Do 1 thing a year you really want to do

As the heading stated – do 1 thing a year that you really want to do.

This gives us a sense of direction and something to look forward to.

Say you always fancied snowboarding, start looking into a trip away to learn or visit some indoor slopes near you.

Do something you have always wanted to do, no matter how big or small.

Maybe you want to learn to knit, get yourself some knitting needles, wool and watch some YouTube videos on how to knit.

In no time you will be a pro.

Get a hobby

Having a hobby will give you some sense of direction, it will help you focus on one good thing for a period of time.

Maybe you always fancied gardening, make yourself some time every week to do a little bit of gardening. Plant something, tend to your garden, even just sit and enjoy the sun.

We all feel like we lose our direction and there is many ways you can make yourself a clear path in life and see the woods from the trees.

*This is a collaboration post

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