Is Your Elderly Family Taken Care Of?

A question that crops up now and again is – Is your elderly family taken care of?

I understand it can be hard taking care of your family, especially when you have children, work and other commitments. The worry is always there ‘What if something goes wrong?’

Well, I was asked to try out the app and I will talk through how user friendly it is and what we made of the app.

You also receive an emergency button which alerts of falls and emergencies.

Just to point out, as well as using this on your elderly family, you can too use this on your children.
It’s a great all rounder app.

How it worked


You can download the app very easily once purchased. Takes a couple of seconds to set up.

There is so many different things you can do with this, from the SOS which alerts you of any emergency to even turning on your loved ones speakers and microphone so you can talk to them.

What I really liked was how I could also do things to my Grandma’s phone, add numbers, pictures and all sorts.

So if she ever got stuck with something I could easily access and help her.

You can also sync other phones also so for whatever reason you couldn’t check, your spouse or someone close to you can.

We fitted the button to see how it worked, however we had a little bit of trouble with this.
It seemed to disconnect a few times which was a pain.

It’s fairly new so I expect some teething problems.

With the app, it alerted me with a fall, when my Gran’s phone turned off and also out of range.

I could track her by GPS often if needed, the use of the microphone and speaker was so good, I could speak to her if she didn’t answer the phone. Although one time I did scare her but she found it funny as it was my 3 year old playing with my phone and shouted down the mic at her.

Now there is 2 versions of this, the free and paid.

You get a lot more features from the paid version and to be fair, it’s something I will keep paying as it’s very handy indeed.

We like this, a couple of bugs to iron out but on the whole, it worked well and we enjoyed it!

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