Do I have a Sexually Transmitted Disease – find out at home

Sexually transmitted diseases have more obvious symptoms in women. Sexually transmitted diseases, of which we rarely speak, although their incidence is high, often give evident signs, which must send you to the doctor.

Untreated, sexually transmitted diseases can have the most severe consequences, infertility, for example, being just one of them and not the worst. Even today, although a huge amount of information is at hand, some people still come late to the doctor. If you dread going to the physician, you can checkout a home STD test kit and then see what to do.

They encourage patients to get information, but it is the specialist who is required to put the correct diagnosis and decide the treatment. It would be best to read this information at your fingertips, and after reading it, present yourself to an informed person. You guide yourself so, if you have the power to make the difference if you know where to go. The Internet is a source of information available to everyone, but it must not take the place of a doctor.

Clinical signs

Some of the symptoms common to many STDs must send us urgently to the specialist. Signs put us on guard – secretions – when stained, smelly, disturbing in that figure burning, itching, if there is damage to the vagina or labial mucosa, it is necessary to visit the doctor. Other symptoms include bleeding – spontaneous or on sexual contact, painful sexual contact; – pelvic pain, etc. Most sexually transmitted diseases give signs especially to women, although there are conditions that also affect men. For syphilis, for example, men may have lesions in the penis, urethral leakage, pruritus.

However, the incidence of symptoms is lower for men than for women. There are many asymptomatic illnesses, and they only detect additional investigations, but we are already entering the specialist area.

In the vast majority of cases and infections the male is a carrier, it is a transmitter, but it is asymptomatic. Moreover, here again, obstacles are encountered, because the partner says “I have nothing, nothing hurts, why should I get treatment?” Moreover, you begin to explain to him what happens if you do not treat the couple. The doctor exposes the situations he faces in the cabinet. See more here.

Different affections, one way to avoid them

Many of the signs listed above are common to infections like trichomonas, candida, Gardnerella, etc. HIV infection is already very advanced when it gives signs; it gives late side effects. Lately, we have also noticed streptococcal infections, although it is known that another is its specific. Of course, there is also gonorrhea, and there are many more.

The only way to protect against these infections is to prevent them. However, today we find resistance in couples using condoms, although condoms have now appeared with all sorts of improvements, so to speak. There are all kinds of emollients on size avoiding substances latex allergies because they’re allergic people and would be a problem.

Often, it is true, men are more reluctant to use it, but I have met men who accept the method, but the partner doesn’t. If there is no communication between the couple, it is challenging to solve such a problem.

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When talking about sexually transmitted diseases, the specialist explains, we also talk about some of the barriers that patients impose to them. What, however, the physician points out, is that for a referral note, it is not necessarily necessary to expose the entire clinical picture to the family doctor, but on the basis of the general signs it may be recommended. Also, the family doctor will not impose a certain doctor, the patient can choose any specialist at any clinic, in case he is afraid to meet known people at the door of the expert doctor.

One more thing, no one has to doubt anyone about confidentiality. No one, today, sends a result to a person other than the patient concerned. They are not given to your neighbor, to your girlfriend, even to your daughter or mother. You can rest assured that no one will know the results of your tests.

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