This is my disclaimer and disclosure about Testing Time Blog, all social media platforms and anything affiliated with Testing Time Blog.

I do not give permission for use of my photographs on my blog or social media without consent.
Should you require a photograph, please email me to request where I will happily oblige.

Products sent to review are reviewed at my own discretion.
All reviews are 100% my own wording, I have tried them for a period of time and it’s my own thoughts.
All photographs of review products are my own, as above please ask to use pictures.
I do not accept payments for reviews, having the product is enough for me.

I do use affiliate links and codes, which will be highlighted where necessary.

Sponsored posts are marked as sponsored or collaborated. This does mean I received a payment to either write a post or showcase another’s writing.

My thoughts are my own, I will be honest if I have a reaction or something was not suitable. If I know it contains an ingredient I can not use, then I will ask a family member to try it and explain why in the post.
Although the experience may be positive or negative with a product, this does not mean it will for everyone else. Each person is different from the next.
I will go into detail about the texture, show swatches of all products and if it’s skincare or haircare then I will write my post over a number of weeks to update.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact me on social media or email.