Common Beauty Complaints And Their Easy Solutions

However comfortable you are in your own skin, chances are there is always that one little thing that you’d change, if you just had the motivation to do it. Whether it’s whitening discolored teeth or correcting prominent ears, it’s just about doing that little thing that will give you a huge boost of confidence. Sometimes, even the smallest thing can make us self-conscious and make self-esteem difficult to come by. So it’s essential that we feel empowered to make the small changes to our appearance that will make us happy and comfortable. Here are four of the most common beauty complaints, and easy ways to fix them.


Stretch marks

Chances are, if you were ever a teenager or you were ever pregnant, you’re going to have stretch marks. Puberty and pregnancy are seriously hard times for the body, as we grow far faster than our skin can keep up with – the poor thing. This causes the skin to stretch, but different layers of skin are stretchier than others, meaning the angry red marks are left behind. While these typically fade with time, it is easy to give them a helping hand on their way. Bio-Oil, or any other natural, oil-based moisturizer brings that flexibility back to your skin, but also helps it to mend itself, meaning the angry red marks fade into the silvery slithers in next to no time. This is the most common beauty complaint.

Stick-out ears

Some of us are born with ears which stick out that little bit more than others. While it’s completely natural, kids can be cruel, and playground taunting can make it something that many people feel self-conscious about. Well, there could be a solution far easier than you previously thought. Ear correction without surgery is now on the market – it just takes a small ring that is inserted under the skin of the ear which encourages it to become less prominent.

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Stained teeth

Whether you’re a wine lover or a coffee fiend, stained teeth can be seriously embarrassing. Obviously, prevention is better than the cure, so avoiding cigarettes, tea, coffee, and wine will help to keep your teeth whiter for longer. But once the damage is done, all is not lost. Natural solutions, such as regularly scrubbing them with bicarbonate of soda, or doing an apple cider vinegar mouthwash, can help to remove these stains over time. If you want something a little bit more immediate, teeth whitening strips are also commonly available on the market. Closed-lip smiles no more!



Spots and pimple breakouts can really ruin the mood, especially before a big night out, as they typically decide to arrive. A thorough skincare regime can really help with this, but the best tip available? Be sure to change your routine with the season. Skin tends to get drier in winter and oilier in summer, so if you continue to use the wrong routine, you could be encouraging a breakout to occur.


Our self-confidence is too important to ignore the things which make us feel self-conscious. We all deserve to hold our heads up high.

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