Paul Mitchell Extra Body and Moisture Range Review

Paul Mitchell Hair Care

Flat hair is something that I suffer with badly. I can get body into my hair, but 30 minutes later my hair is very flat, limp and has no body. To get any body, I have to use some industrial strength hair spray but this hurts my scalp. So I was in need of something good without destroying my hair. […]

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Tangle Teezer – Review

Tangle Teezer

I am new to the whole Tangle Teezer escapade. I know, you can slap me now. I generally use whatever hair brush I reach for. Looking after my hair is never at the forefront of my mind, but something I am working on in 2017 as my hair needs an awful lot of love. The type of girl that gets […]

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Lee Stafford The Straightener – Review & Giveaway

I have not owned a pair of straighteners for a number of years, I think my last pair was a silver and purple, flowery pair I got when I was like 20? My other half has a pair, but it’s rare I bother as I tend to tie my hair up or have it french plaited. Anyhoo, so I was […]

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What Is Inside The Haircare Box?

It’s been a while since I have done an unboxing, so what is inside the haircare box? Well, Harley Street Hair Clinic sent me a surprise haircare box and I could not wait to get into it. Firstly, it came in a cute box that I have kept for future use, I now store odds and ends in my office […]

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