Black Friday Holiday Deals

Yes it is that time of year where Black Friday is coming and there are some spectacular Black Friday Holiday Deals to be had this year!

We never think of getting a holiday on Black Friday and why not? It’s the great time of year to buy things for presents, you can use this as an idea to get presents or even a treat for working hard all year.

So we get the usual TV’s and presents, but why not splash out and get a cracking deal this year?

Here are some ideas of places to go on your holiday!

Christmas Markets

In some parts of the world, there are some wonderful Christmas markets and you can get to them with a cracking Black Friday deal.

France has some wonderful markets as well as Spain. Even Germany has an array of places to go.

If you want to stay close to home, Manchester has an amazing Christmas market every year.

Strasbourg, France has the oldest and one of the best Christmas markets around.

Another place to visit is Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic which hosts a wonderful Christmas market at both location every year.

If you want rides as well, then head over to Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark where they have a very large Christmas market as well as rides!


Skiing is always a great thing to do during the winter, or like me, snowboarding. There are some great ski holiday offers floating around on Black Friday this year.

Canada is always a popular choice for a skiing holiday, but there are many places across Europe that are just as spectacular at this time of year.

Val Thorens, France is a popular choice as this location has slopes up to 3,230m and 140km of varied pistes – most suited for beginners and intermediates.

St Anton, Austria is also another popular location and named in top 3 of most lists for skiing. It is known as one of Europe’s most snowiest areas!


Of course on the list is relaxing holidays. Some people prefer to lounge on the beach so you would be best going to the other side of the globe where it is warmed such as Costa Rica where is is lovely and hot there at this time of year.

Dubai is also very warm this time of year and there is plenty to do from sight seeing to chilling out on the gorgeous beaches.

Then we can’t forget Australia where they have the opposite of our weather. Again a lot to do in Australia or chill by the beach and do not a lot.

I know it’s not really classed as relaxing, but New York in winter is wonderful, go stroll along the snowy streets, visit wonderful locations for food and drink and even pop into some luxury spa’s for a pamper session.

Sight Seeing

You could go to anywhere in the world this time of year and decide to go sight seeing.

Venice this time of year is beautiful, well it is any time of the year but you could get a wonderful deal and get a lovely weekend break.

Why not head to Japan? There is loads to see across Japan and it is truly an experience. You could get a good deal to pop off to Japan.

Thailand is another popular place to visit the wonderful sights. Or even Egypt and see the pyramids.

Why not think about a break and get yourself some winter sun, go sight seeing or even skiing.

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